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Paisley Rooks a nineteen year old girl who lives in the suburbs of Connecticut with her family. Her only dream is to be a medical doctor as thought by everyone.She is a very transparent being but has only one deep secret,the reason why she wants to be a doctor.Her only joy is to give life. She lives all her life trying to cure a disease that claims the life of her grandma. She is funny and most importantly not smart although she reads a lot.She is a girl who spends half of her life Searching for her lost sister Poppy Grake and Hopes to find her. Bolt Ranmon a very breath taking cold hearted medical student, handsome to the core and very smart and successful. He treats and he destroys His only joy is to kill He is life and he is death. He is very trained in MMA,Jujitsu, kungfu fighter. The son of the most feared man in the country Otis Ranmon..... When both paths meets at "POINT OF GRACE MEDICAL SCHOOL" And what happens when Life and Death meets What happens when the funny cute girl falls for a criminal doctor Will Paisley find Poppy? Dont miss the hospital romance and action Dont miss THE MEDICAL CRUSH

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Latest Release: Chapter 5 YOU'RE IN MY ROOM   01-11 14:43
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