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img img Romance img The mafia's possession.
The mafia's possession.

The mafia's possession.

img Romance
img 66 Chapters
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Author: Zohaa
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The mafia's possession. Subtitle; You became mine the moment you stole from me. Synopsis. "Heaven knows I did not mean to do this to you," Melanie said as she stared at the unconscious man lying before her then at the dollar bill she had stolen from him. She did not doubt that the money would be enough for her mother's surgery. ** Melanie was on her way to the grocery store a few months later when she bumped into someone. She creased her forehead and wondered where she had seen those green eyes piercing dangerously into her blue eyes. ''You should watch where you are going, Miss Melanie Tatum.'' The man even knew her name! She widened her eyes in utmost surprise. ''Do I know you?'' She asked, slowly. The man said nothing but only chuckled. Melanie turned to leave when his strong hand grabbed her arm. ''I see you had a very good life with my money, Melanie,'' The man said in an accent. ''W...which money?'' Melanie shuttered. ''The money you stole, Sweetheart.'' He smiled dangerously, tightening his grip on Melanie's arm. Melanie widened her eyes as she remembered the man in front of her. Damn! Her world will never remain the same. Writer; Zohaa.

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