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img img Romance img The Scent Of Blood and Roses
The Scent Of Blood and Roses

The Scent Of Blood and Roses

img Romance
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Author: kaerst
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Lost and out of place after her aunts vanished out of thin air, Corrine received a phone call that made a huge turning point in her life. Corrine Song, a 17 year old modernized, preppy city girl, will leave her identity of being the life of the party to an ordinary working student. It can be twisted in Corrine’s case. Just like her fate that led her to Drafdeille. After the disappearance of her three aunts she had no choice but to stay with their other sister, Cynthia, who lived in Drafdeille serving the Ascots. She knew something was up from the first time she stepped into the manor. Something made her feel more curious about the place. It feels like something is out of place that needs to be fixed. Or could it be someone? Like a flower that needs to be tended. The feeling felt like a drug luring her to come near and discover the place by herself. Discover the force pulling her in to their arms. It's up to her to discover the secrets hiding there and facing the dark forces of the place's history. From the manor to the town to all the unexplainable events that happened within the place. Little did she know, the one she's curious to know about was behind her all along.

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