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The Gangster Prince

The Gangster Prince

img Romance
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Author: Author Wizkiss
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Tristan a handsome 17 years old teenage boy who grew up knowing only one thing and one thing alone.... Stealing. This was because he was raised up alongside other boys and girls by a dangerous gangster leader known as Eduardo, the head of a secret mafia group known as The Scorpion. Eduardo took in and brought up homeless children training them in the art of stealing, he use children for his dirty criminal activities that involves everything and anything illegal from drug trafficking to kidnapping prostitution and assassination but their major operation remains stealing, any form and kind of stealing. Tristan didn't know who his real parents were, Eduardo had once told him he rescued him from drowning in the ocean when he was only 4 years of age. The only thing that Tristan has that was from his parents was the necklace that was around his neck since he was a child till now with the initials Jk. Tristan has been one of Eduardo loyal henchmen, serving him faithfully for close to 15 years. But everything changed when Tristan met a beautiful rich classy girl named Chloe. It was love at first sight for Tristan but will the beautiful classy Chloe fall in love with Tristan the thief? One thing is for sure and is that the young thief's life is about to change drastically. Story location : London, England.

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