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Is this guy my weakness?

Is this guy my weakness?

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Cristill, the female lead has grown in hands of a childless couple. She hates the fact that her father is no more. Suddenly, she came to know about her true identity. She is the long lost daughter of the most feared Mafia Gang Leader. She has chosen revenge instead of her life. Cristill is ready to marry Vincenzo for the sake of taking her revenge. "Vincenzo killed my mother?", I shouted in shock when those words left my Dad's mouth. She is seeking towards her Real Father for taking the revenge. But why? What did her father do?

Chapter 1 What A Start!

Oh shit! It's already midnight. And still, I am not able to sleep. Ouch! I just fall from my bed. What's happening with me, tonight. Why can't I sleep? How will I?

It's barely a few more hours to pass and I will be reaching my New College. I know not a single one there. How will I overcome the living situation here?

Ok, I need to be relaxed by getting some fresh air. Who's standing there? Is he Daniel? Yes, He is Daniel. He was my best friend.

But a few weeks ago in the farewell party, where all were disguised in masks. Kaile was also wearing the same gown as mines.

And Daniel kissed her, but it wasn't his mistake. He was too drunk, but Kaile should have stopped him, but she didn't. I think she liked him, but all the other students including my friends thought it was me.

I had always told them that Daniel is just a friend of mine who has nothing with my love life. At that moment, I don't know what happened, I learned about that the incident afterward from my Mom.

Oh no! My alarm is ringing. But where is it?

It's there but first I need to switch on the lights. Now it's already five what else can I do? I had to quickly check my bag.

And then I need a cold shower as my body stinks. But I was not able to ignore Daniel's face. Why was he so upset? Why? I want to know the reason behind his sadness.

And, this question is eating my head up. I quickly changed my attire. Was he upset about me going to the hostel? Oops! by mistake, I stepped on something.

What is that? Oh! it's my diary. I have just forgotten about my dairy. Let me put it in my backpack.

Suddenly, Mom shouted, "Where are you, Cristill?"

Oh! Mom, wait a minute I am ready. I am just coming. I ran downstairs but none of my friends came to say the last goodbye including Daniel. But why?

I haven't done anything unfair so why it's arising to me?

Mom said, "Breakfast is prepared, honey, be quick to finish it."

Ok mom, should I leave a letter to Daniel? But If he doesn't want it? No, I shouldn't leave a letter as he didn't come here to say goodbye.

Mom should, "Kiddo! fast, I am waiting in the car."

Wait for a little just let me tell goodbye to my room, bed, and all stuff. I have to leave my phone also.

Mom replied, "No you can take it."

I asked, "But are phones allowed?"

Mom replied, "Yes, but you cannot use it during the day but it's allowed from 9 to 10, as many students come from very far.

So let's go now!"

I feel a little awkward. As I don't know if something bad is waiting for me there or not? Mom and I were talking about the hostel and we reached there.

So this is my new hostel. It seems to nice.

I kinda like it! I can see someone from here.

Oh, shit who's that? He is so cute.

Mom waved, "Goodbye!"

I said, "I will miss you, Mom. Do I need to talk to the principal?"

Mom, "Yes you need to kiddo."

Mom exclaimed and left quietly. But I am not so sad as I found that guy so cute.

I walked with my bags to my room and wait my room number was 103. Ok, let's head to my room now. So this is my room.

It is cute as it has a small bed on the side with a purple - colored bedsheet and has violet stips in it. And that bed is of whom?

I don't know but I am excited to know my roommate. But first I have to meet the principal. But I don't know where is the principal's office. I should ask someone?

But whom will I ask?

No one is here except that cute guy. So, let's ask that cute guy.

I introduced, "Hi! I am Cristill and I have been shifted here today. Can you please take me to the principal's office as I don't know where is it?"

With a very cute smile on his face he replied, "Hi, I am Kevin, nice to meet you, Cristill. I wanted to take you to the principal's office, but I am so sorry I have some work but I will surely tell you the way."

By his cute smile and voice, I believed him truly. He said to walk me straight and then turn right, so I followed his directions.

Omg! I can't believe I am in front of the boy's washroom.

I freaked out and then I ran away from there. Chasing after me, Kevin came with two other guys came and embarrassed me.

Then only another boy who protested against the nonsense towards me.

But, Who's he? I was so embarrassed that I ran without looking at anyone. I stumbled upon a fellow. We both got hurt and I quickly stood up and said, "I am very sorry, hope you haven't got much hurt?"

The Guy replied, "No it's ok. Are you ok?"

I was just looking at his eyes which mesmerized me, he shook me up and I told sorry to him again and introduced myself.

He smiled at me and introduced himself to me. The Guy,"I am George, please don't get panicked I will be there to help when you will need me, I promise."

I asked him to direct me to the principal's office.

George gently said,"Yes of course! I will."

Then I went to the principal's office and he said to me that my roommate is Regina, and he warned me not to use mobiles too much during the night.

And told me that I can just call your mom for a few minutes. Then I was so excited to find out who's Regina?

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