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The Master's Favorite

The Master's Favorite

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Luciano Adiente is the Lord of a drug syndicate. He is a ruthless, heartless, monster, devil. Whatever name you have to describe it, he is the definition of evil. No one knows the reason behind his coldness, he has no friends only enemy. Well not until his fate changed when he fell in love with his sex slave. Yelena montello, a twenty one year old girl who happened to be a victim of human trafficking. This two are opposite but as the saying goes opposite attracts as times goes on Luciano loved Yelena and Stephen became his favorite. Everything was going well until Yelena find out that she only has a year to live. What will Luciano who's heart is finally opening to love do?

Chapter 1 My fate

A woman and a girl in her early twenties could be seen running none stop on the long and lonely road,the street lights were turning on and off enough to give a kid nightmare but that was the least of their problems they need to run for their lives.

They need to escape from these animals in human clothes or else they will rip out their hearts and feed it to them.

A gun was shot at them by one of the men after them.

Ahhh. The girl in her twenties yell in fear

Yelena are you okay? The older woman asked her daughter and she nodded in response

They were trying to escape from her mother's boss, she owed him some money.

She tried every means to pay but she couldn't,if he catches her he will kill her but if she's lucky enough he'll sell her to some human traffickers

She didn't want any of that so she tried escaping but he has eyes and ears in the city now his men's are after them.

Mom I'm tired. Yelena said panting as they got closer to the woods

You can't be we need to run away if we don't he's going to kill us. She said

Mom we can find a way to pay him back or beg him. Yelena said

No dear you don't understand he doesn't forgive or listen to excuse. She said

We need to keep moving. She add and they started walking away into the bush.

Mom they are coming! Yelena yell as she pointed at them

They were about to take a step when her mother's leg was shot with a bullet

Mother! She yell holding her

Dear leave I will be a hindrance. Her mother said

No mom stay with me...I can't. Yelena cried

Yelena leave! You have to survive!. She yell

Mother. Yelena sob trying to help her stand properly

They are going to catch you if you wait here I can't let that happen. She sniff between her words.

But I can't leave you mom. Yelena sob

You are the strongest girl I know so survive for your mother. She cried cupping her cheeks in her palm

I love you Mom. Yelena utter before running into the woods

After her! One of the men said pointing at Yelena's back

Yelena run with tears falling on her eyes making her vision a little blurry but she kept going because she needs to survive

Two of the men ran after her shooting their guns in her direction but she wasn't hit she got to a river and suddenly stopped

What do I do? She bit her lower lip

Seems like you have no where to go. One of the guys said as they pointed a gun at her

How sure are you? She ask panting

Hundred. One of them answered

She stared at the river then back at them before saying... If I were you I won't be so sure.

What do you mean? One of them ask

Find out. She said before jumping into the river

Shoot her!

They fired their guns into the river a bullet grazed her arm making it difficult for her to swim

*Yelena leave! You have to survive!* Her mother's word rang in her head

I have to survive. She said swimming ignoring the pain she's feeling on her arm

The next morning

Yelena's body could be seen beside the shore, her arm was swollen and her face looks pale

If you don't take a closer look you will assume that she's dead

Two guy were smoking as they walk beside the shore.

Is that a dead body? One of them asked

Let's check it out. The other answered

They rush towards her and shake her unconscious body

She's alive but her pulse is weak. The first one said

I can help. The other said inter locking his hand as he placed it on her chest, putting pressure on chest it didn't take long for her to spit out water and gasping for air

She's alive. They said at the same time happily

Where am I? Yelena asked weakly as she open and close her eyes

What should we do about her? The second one ask

The ship will be arriving today we should sell her. He answered

But she's wounded. The second one said rasing her arm

We will treat it... Help me carry her it our lucky day. He said as they raised her on her feet

Putting her arm across their necks before walking away

Yelena was lying on a wooden bed with her arm tied together and her leg

What happened to me? Was I caught? She thought as she stared around the room

Suddenly the memory of how she jump into the river, her wounded arm all of it came back to her

Then where am I? She ask no one in particular

Help! Who's there? Help me! She yell

I see you are awake. The first guy said walking into the room

Who are you? What do you want from me? She ask

You don't need to know who I am. He answered

Why? Yelena ask

He smirk as he moved closer to her,he leaned until Yelena could feel his breath on her neck.

She felt scared as she gulp down nothing.

He whispered into her ears..Because you'll be leaving soon

Leaving? Where am I going? She managed to ask

Don't worry.

Bro the ship is here. The second guy said cutting him short as he walk into the room

Alright we need to get you going. He said carrying her on his shoulders

Put me down. She yell trying to hit his back but her tied hands denied her

Shut up! He fired at her making her flinch

This is hopeless,so just stay down. The second guy said

After a while they were at the shore where a ship was, so many girls were in the ship they were tied too.

Yelena was put with them while the guys went to meet a middle aged man, after few minutes of discussion they left.

What's going on here? Yelena ask one of the girls

We are being sold... this ship is going to Mexico,our various master will come and buy us there. She explained

Is this really my fate? Yelena ask no one in particular as a single tear left her eyes

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