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I Am Not GAY

I Am Not GAY

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Aiden·Warrent was the CEO of Warrent Group.He had everything and of course a sexy girlfriend. However, he found that he had no sex drive for his girlfriend. Not for one, for all his girlfriends. He never thought he was a gay until he met his sunshine boy Logan· Finn. But he clearly knew that he could never be gay. Logan·Finn was a sunshine boy just graduated from university and he always smiles. Logan found a job in Warrent Group and he became the secretary of the Group's CEO. For his surprise,this CEO was the guy who once saved him from a disgusting old man. More important was that he had a one-night stand with him. Logan pretended to be poor and needy in order to stay with Aiden. When will Aiden find out that Logan is the heir to the richest man?

Chapter 1 I can't get an erection.

Aiden's POV.

God,help me! Simone has already got naked and she is walking towards me my office.

Simone is my girlfriend arranged by my father and I know she want me urgent for she's already started undressing me and kissing me somewhere. I can feel her passion and heat.

Simone is a sexy girl, I know many guys want her, but I just,I can't get an erection.

I don't has the desire for her,I don't know why? Maybe because the busy and pressure work or some other reasons.

“Baby, Come on. I want you.”

As she says,she begin to touch my things with her warm and soft hand,but it looks like it's dead.

I know its reaction may hurt the beautiful girl's heart.

Long time's touch doesn't work at all and Simone lost her patience.

"Aiden,what's the hell fuck? You don't want me ? " She asked.

I feel so guilty,but I don't want to admit that I lost my sex desire.

It's embarrassing. I don't want anyone to know. After all, I'm the CEO of the Group.I don't want others to laugh at me.

More important is that I don't want my father know that . He would absolutely disqualify me as his heir and my fuck brother would like to replace me.He's always trying to replace me,but I never give the chance to him. I work so hard and maybe that's why I face to this embarrassing.

"Simone,listen to me .I am working now,I don't want do it now. We need find another time."

"Then when? You always have all kinds of reasons to reject me. Why? Don’t you love me?"

I don't know when my bad habit will get over so I can’t answer her questions. It's beyond my control.

Simone get more angry for my silence,but I can't tell her the truth.

"Aiden. Fuck you.We are over."

She put on her clothes rudely, and I heard the door slam heavily.

Okay, that's fine. It's better than her knowing the truth.

My assistant quit again. Why have three assistants already quit this month?

Oh, shit! Things have been messed up.

My father will be very angry.

But what the hell, I'm in the mood for a drink at the bar.I want to forget all the shit things.

Hope drinks can save me.


Logan's POV:

I am Logan·Finn,I just graduated from Harvard University.

I'm waiting to be accepted by Warrent Group. This is the most coveted group for Harvard graduates, so there is a lot of competitor.

But now, I am doing my part-time jobs in A Bar, it's name "A Bar."

This is the first time I become a barman and I am trying to do a good job.However, it seems I am in trouble with an old man.

"Hello,sunshine, you are new here. I never see you here before." He said and touched my hand with flirting. It's really sick, this old man.

I want withdraw my hand,but he grabs it and says:"Sunshine, I have a lot of money,as much as you can image.I can give you a lot of money if you will stay with me one night."

What's the hell fuck.

Did I hear him right? He thinks I need money? I guess I'm the least cash-strapped person in the world because my father is the richest man in the world.

I often do all kinds of part-time jobs , this is not because I need earn money to support the family. This is because my father wanted me to experience all kinds of life.

He asked me to study at the Warren Group because he felt that the current CEO of Warren was outstanding, so I applied to work for the Warren Group.

"Sorry sir, I don't need your money."

I insisted on leaving, but was stopped by his bodyguards.

"Sunshine, I don't want force you. Drink this ,I will let you go."

But when I finished the drink he ordered his bodyguards to take me away.

"Asshole, let go of me. What do you bastards want?" I shouted and afraid but no one listened to me.

"David, Jack,Justin,please help me." I asked my colleagues to help.

But they seemed afraid of this old man, so no one came to help me.

I tried to break away from them, but it was useless, for I found my strength was waning. I think there must be something wrong with that drink.


"Uncle Tom, what are you doing?"

Suddenly I heard a drunken voice. He was talking with this old man.

The old man looked frightened and his bodyguards didn't carry me anymore.

"Aiden, we haven't seen few days,how are you ? This is my friend and I'm taking him home now."

I seemed to know this young man from somewhere. I can't remember clearly because my mind began to blur. But I can tell by his temperament that he is a very influential person.

So I decided to ask him for help.

"Sir, please help me. I am not his friend.He want take me to the hotel."

"Tom, why do you always do such dirty things? I believe my father has warned you before."His voice was full of anger but I know I was saved .

"Aiden, please give me another chance. I promise, I won't do this again."

"Take your men and get out of here, or I will let you know."

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