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img img Romance img Mafia’s Dirty Obsession
Mafia’s Dirty Obsession

Mafia’s Dirty Obsession

img Romance
img 13 Chapters
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Author: Harbii
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Novel contains: Matured Content. Your worse nightmare. Psychotic thoughts and Sexual Contents. Abuse and vulgar words exist; Bestiality. Xoxo. Devina Stone was nothing but a pure and innocent girl who took to time, did every of her work. Had a loving boyfriend and even goes to church. She was the good innocent until the worse happened. She met with the beast, who did and wanted nothing but to make her do horrible things that would make her hate herself. That would make her see herself everyday and regret being born. That would snatch the smile off her face and all she would do was cry everyday. He came into her life to ruin her. “Don’t argue with me princess, my Brain has been messed with and I don’t have a heart anymore so listen to me and do what I say” He said and meant each and every words

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