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img img Werewolf img The Wrath Of The Shadow Wolf
The Wrath Of The Shadow Wolf

The Wrath Of The Shadow Wolf

img Werewolf
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Author: Angel Mark
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Wright was inside of the gym exercising when his phone began to ring. “Gosh, it is already past 9 am,” He said as he looked at the wall clock. “And who could this caller be” Acting very reluctantly, he went for his phone. “Philip” he murmured as he saw the caller. “Hey man,” Wright said as he picked the call. He wondered why Philip would be calling him this early. Philip is not one to call often unless he really has important news and Wright prayed that whatever this call was for, it should better not be what he was thinking, it should not be in any way related to the Pack. Anyways, he maintained his cool and waited patiently for Philip to tell him the reason for the call himself. “Wright” Philip responded. From the tone of Philip’s voice, Wright could tell that he was a bit tensed and was only trying to hide it. Philip and Wright had grown up in Shadow Rank Pack as best of friends. In fact, if the tussle with the rogues had not happened, Philip would have been Wright’s beta. Wright’s dad, Alpha Lucas is the alpha of Shadow Rank Pack and Wright is his successor before he left everything behind during the war with the rebels and moved to Edmonton where he had met Evolette and had further denounced his werewolf lineage. As a good friend, Philip had left the pack with him amidst the conflict but had soon left Edmonton for Regina for greener pasture. It was by the twist of fate that Philip had met Kyra in Regina while he had met Evolette here in Edmonton and both close friends had married the same sisters. When Evolette discovered Wright's true nature, she was not receptive to same and so, just so as to please her, he had all these years live outside that part of him until the midnight of her burial when he had shifted and had run into the wild to let out his grief for his self-acclaimed lost mate. Kyra on her part had been a little indifferent and receptive about the whole werewolf thing and was even ready to move back to Shadow Rank Pack with Philip just that Philip was unwilling to go back because of his love and solidarity for his friend and Alpha as he had always addressed Wright whenever they were alone.“ My Alpha, are you there?” Philip inquired when Wright had not responded to him.“ Gosh, this better be good” Wright spat. Now he was sure that Philip's call was definitely related to the Pack as he had feared. When Wright left Shadow Rank Pack, the rebels did not leave him as they were still out to get him. It was with the help of the allies that Wright built in Edmonton that he had been able to operate discreetly without getting the attention of his foes. All these years, Philip had been Wright's number one ally and had been on the lookout for possible threats to his friend, Wright, and had always alerted him whenever there was danger. Wright had been able to live a quiet life until just before the death of Evolette. He tries to act normal to Riona, but within him, he constantly fears for her safety. “Speak Philip, I am listening” Wright muttered. “Okay Wright, where is Rio?” Philip asked. “She is not in” Wright replied. “What!” Philip exclaimed. “Come on Philip. Or do you want me to pee on my pants?” Wright was already getting irritated and all he just wanted was for Philip to spill the bean. “Sorry, man,” Philip said. “Gosh” Wright spat. “I am so sorry, I am sorry” Philip was tense. “I don’t even know what I am thinking” “Relax Philip, what is the problem?” Wright asked. “I just got the news that some rogues from Shadow Rank are out, they are there in Edmonton since yesternight” Philip announced. “What!” Wright screamed. “And how come you are just telling me of this now?” “I just got the news right away and I quickly called you. The first thing that came to my mind was Rio” Philip explained. “Rio” Wright stuttered. “Rio left this morning. I think she said she was going to get Sandra to come spend the weekend with us” “Shit” Philip cursed. “O my God, o my God. What the hell?” Wright cursed. “Please be cool,” Philip said. “I am cool, man. What is the situation with the rogues at the moment, do you by chance know that?” Wright was curious. Wright is so anxious and filled with anger right now and he cannot imagine any harm coming to his little girl. He promised himself that he would spare no life in Shadow Rank if there is as little as a mosquito bite on Riona. “From my information, they don't have her yet, and happily they don’t know what she looks like just yet,” Philip said. Wright interrupted him. “Wait, what do you mean they don't know what she looks like just yet, do you plan on revealing that to them?”

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