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Woff! WOff! They heard the dog barking and running from the back yard. Olivia turned to her back and saw a light chocolate colored dog running gracefully towards them. Her eyes got stuck on the dog she couldn’t look anywhere else. He is many times more intoxicating in person. At few times the dog looked her in the eyes , an unfathomable connection took place between them. For Olivia, everything seemed to have disappeared including herself. Only she felt an overwhelming feeling brought by the dog like she has entered another dimension.. Olivia was startled when Jupiter hopped and landed in front of them. He looked at her and then Gene wagging his tail unstoppably. ‘Are you that dog?’ she asked silently. To her astonishment, the dog focused his eyes on her like he picked up her thought telepathically. She was instantly taken back to that dream where she is with the dog and they are both looking at each other. .. Now she found the dog in her imagination. And the dog found her. It was the dog who lead her to Gene and it is Gene who lead them finding each other, it doesn’t matter . Her life, Gene’s life and Jupiter ‘s is a continuation of life their lives from the past. The songs Olivia is making are actually old inspirations that was there since this timeless eternity. No songs are ever new as every thought has been there before this time and before that …. Similarly, imaginations are as real as this physical world, it is just in another dimension. But when you are in that dimension, you will view this physical life as a mere dream as well. Songs come alive to bring the two destined souls together.

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