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The Nerd Revenge

The Nerd Revenge

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When Elsa Hathaway got drunk on a night, she lost her way only to wake up on the bed, naked, with the school nerd! The thought of Elsa having a one night stand with the nerd disgust her so much. Of course, being the school most feared bully! She never want anyone to know of it Elsa decided to cut a deal with Jacob Soren who's threatening her with the sextape. But unknown to Elsa, she's just cut a deal with the devil. Jacob Soren didn't come to Georgevill high school with another face, just to play hide and seek, he's come to seek his revenge on the one who's made his life miserable and Elsa Hathaway tops his list!! .......... "It's funny how I only wanted to keep a secret, but I ended up becoming a criminal!" . . . AN ; This is not your regular teen romance. This story contains bullying, betrayal, dark content, crime, YA criminals and revenge. Kindly read at your own risk!!

Chapter 1 I love Jacob Soren

Elsa POV

I brushed down my glossy black hair, breathing in and out before I pushed the door open.

On a normal day, I'd have been happy to be in this school, and in this class, because surely, my mere presence always sends the students reeling in fear. But today has been different, as I pushed the door opened, revealing the students behind the closed door, my eyes only took in the presence of only one person

Just until yesterday, he's been my victim of bullying, how the table has turned has just been a constant confusion on my part.

The jet black hair, the tan skin, and the green eyes under the Harry's Potter glass was a constant reminder of what happened to me the night before!

God! Could I have been more shameful to find my way down my house and not to some nerd house? And now, I've played myself and the table has drastically turned to me.

Nervously, I walked to the front of the class and stopped.

All the while, his green eyes were busy staring intently at me, giving me the look that I have to do this.

Can I? Can I really do it?

A nervous tongue running over my lips, I drummed my finger over my lap "H.. Hello l"

Never for once have I thought that my voice will shake when standing before the whole class. Damn! This is the damn class I've always stood to bully my victim.

Perhaps, this is how my victims do feel... Nervous and scared.

Clearing my throat, I held on tightly to my skirt before I muttered a loud hello

The whole class turned to me, looking at me with their curious gaze. Perhaps, they were curious to know who'll be the first person to taste my fist this morning, but that wasn't the case, for I've been trapped, trapped by my own puppet!

"Elsa ..."

I moved my gaze to Andrea who's called my name and was gazing at me with her big doe eyes laced with curiosity " are you okay?"

"Oh yeah I'm fine!" I mumbled

Andrea is my friend, the closest to me out of my other three friends, but then she too never knows what's happened to me overnight.

Removing my gaze from Andrea, I fixated it back to the students before me, and distinctly, I saw his green eyes pierced into mine

"I.. I'm.."

I sucked in a harsh breath and fisted my hand. I can't do this. I can't!

" Elsa what's wrong ?" Daniel came before me, he took my hand and lifted up my chin " are you okay ?"

Yesterday, the almighty Elsa Hathaway was before this class, fisting her hand on the less privileged students in this class, but now... Just now...!


Jerking back from my thoughts, I looked into the pair of stormy blue eyes that gazed up at me curiously.

"Dan" I mumbled

Dan is my boyfriend, I could not say Dan understand me quite well, but to some level, he seems to know what's wrong with me

"Talk to me Elsa!" Dan mumbled, his tone laced with worries as he shook my shoulder leniently "are you okay"

No. I can't do this. What'll become of me if I do it? Surely, people will talk ill of me.

I am Elsa Hathaway, the baddest bitch of Georgevill high school

Taking a couple of steps away from Dan, I faced the whole class who gave me their undivided attention. Of course, someone who doesn't want to get in my bad book knows better than to ignore me

Out of the many eyes that stared at me curiously, his eyes has been distinct, and I've seen how expectant it's been

Sorry to burst your bubble nerd. I can't do this!

My eyes locked with his, brown to green " I can't do this." I mumbled

I saw something flash through his eyes, and a little smirk tugged at the corner of his lips, but it disappeared quickly, making me think that I've imagined it.

I sighed, feeling elated. This has been my race, I cannot let some freaking nerd outrun me.

The sudden beep from my phone wiped the little smile off my lips, and as I looked at the message that just popped out of the phone, my hand shook, the little confidence I have left in me vanished as quickly as possible


Dan called. His hand grabbed my phone, but I held it tighter before he can remove it

"Let it go!" I growled.

The thought of Daniel seeing me naked with the nerd on top of me sent a wave of panic down my soul

A step back, I pushed Dan away before me and closed my eyes

He's sent me a photo of me naked with him on top of me, the look on my face has been anything but horrible... Sexy, craving. And he's attached a message that told me how fast I need to do this

# you don't want the class to know about this!"

Of course I don't want the class to know, but his request has done everything to hurt my ego!

You can do this. I assured myself.

Breathing in and out, I faced the class " I... I am breaking up with Daniel "

A wave of gasp went spiral round the class. Murmurs broke and with the corner of my eyes, I saw the nerd having a triumphant grin on his lips

"Breaking up with me l?" The loud growl of Daniel made me jump a foot away from my initial position " break up with me you say ?"

I faces Dan and gave him a small nod " I am " I mumbled

Another gasp was released in the class. Everyone knows the relationship I shared with Dan. It's been official, two great bullies dating!

"You don't dare!" Daniel growled. His eyes darkened and his lips set in the tiniest line I could ever see. He grabbed my shoulder and gave it a tight squeeze

Never for once has he got this angry with me, but I really need to do this, if I want to be saved!

Jerking myself away from his grip, I landed a slap on his cheek making the class released another gasp

Afterall, he's one who brought this upon me, has it been he took me home when I was drunk, I'd have never found myself in this mess

"Don't..." An accusatory finger pointed towards him " don't you dare show your disgusting face before me !" I growled

Not waiting to see the look on Dan's face, I matched off to him who was looking at the whole situation as though he knew nothing about this.


"Jacob" he glared at me.

I was forced to bite back a scoff. Damn! Until yesterday, it'd have been a death sentence for him if he dare to correct me

"My name is Jacob," he scoffed.

I sighed lowly and ran another nervous tongue over my lips. God knows how much his sight disgust me, and to talk of kneeling for him?

"Jacob.." I muttered.

A look from him sent my kneels wobbled, and I found myself kneeling before him


Dan yelled and made a dash toward me

"Stop it Elsa" Andrea growled

"Elsa!" Emmy and Gracie chorused

Ignoring them, I took out a ring from my pocket and stretched it towards Jacob

God! If I was told that I'll be here, kneeling before Jacob with a silly ring in my hand, I'd have decapitated that person's head

I sucked in another harsh breath, then faced Jacob who sat gallantly on the chair. His Harry Potter's glasses on the tip of his nose as he glared at me

"Will...will you be my boy... boyfriend Jacob Soren!? "


Murmurs broke around me. Everyone was curious as to what I'm doing. Elsa Hathaway wanting to be a nerd girlfriend!?

I did not want to listen to their murmurs, and so I shut it out of my brain and let my attention be focused on Jacob

Jacob's lips twitched, he looked down from my face to the ring in my hand and let out a low chuckle " you tried " he chuckled only for me to hear.

Jacob stood on his feet, his hands going to his pocket.

For once, I noticed how tall and muscled he's. The long sleeves uniform packed up his bicep well


"Good luck to you Elsa Hathaway!" He mumbled then walked out of the class

I released the breath I've been holding, and I quickly stood on my feet, dust my skirt and turned to face my four friends

"I demand an explanation!" Gracie growled

"Me too" Emmy mumbled

Looking from Emmy, Gracie to Andrea who's squinting at me with her big doe eyes

I sighed "I love Jacob Soren!"

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