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The Nerd Revenge

The Nerd Revenge

img Young Adult
img 12 Chapters
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Author: Monilola003
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When Elsa Hathaway got drunk on a night, she lost her way only to wake up on the bed, naked, with the school nerd! The thought of Elsa having a one night stand with the nerd disgust her so much. Of course, being the school most feared bully! She never want anyone to know of it Elsa decided to cut a deal with Jacob Soren who's threatening her with the sextape. But unknown to Elsa, she's just cut a deal with the devil. Jacob Soren didn't come to Georgevill high school with another face, just to play hide and seek, he's come to seek his revenge on the one who's made his life miserable and Elsa Hathaway tops his list!! .......... "It's funny how I only wanted to keep a secret, but I ended up becoming a criminal!" . . . AN ; This is not your regular teen romance. This story contains bullying, betrayal, dark content, crime, YA criminals and revenge. Kindly read at your own risk!!

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