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Mad Bunny

Mad Bunny

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There are three main characters, Bunny, Curtis and Bucks. Curtis is Bunny's childhood friend. They grew up together and did everything together. Curtis's parents struggled with addiction and because of that he was usually always smelly, malnourished and always wore dirty clothes until the day Bunny brought him home from school. Then Bunny's parents invited him over more and more for meals clean clothes and helped him with proper hygiene. He ends up permifried after some bad drugs Bunny gave to him for free when he started falling down the same path as his parents did. Little did Bunny know that Bucks (Bunny's ex-boyfriend) knowingly gave Bunny the bad drugs, knowing she always gives her first batch to Curtis. Bucks did this to try and drive a wedge between Curtis and bunny because he was jealous of their friendship. He wanted to create some mistrust between them but instead unknowingly caused server damage to Curtis's brain. Bunny feels so guilty and at fualt for Curtis's condition that she takes on the responsibility of caring for him.

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