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[HIS SERIES BOOK #1] “You will always be my epitome of beauty.” –Darren Herrera. Darren Herrera is one of the best businessman in his country. He’s a billionaire, has a pair of two mesmerizing blue eyes and face of a ravishing model. The epitome of the word perfection. Herrera Corp. will soon to be his, but only in one condition. He needs to get married and have a child to Kate Frias, the daughter of his father’s bestfriend. For him, having a wife and a child was a huge disaster. And no woman can pass his epitome of the word “beauty,” even Kate. That’s why he hired someone, someone that he can trust to play along as his wife. And that’s when he met Claire, a women that will make him change his own epitome of beauty.

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Latest Release: Chapter 50 Cloey Braganza Herrera   01-19 10:44