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img img Romance img My Mysterious Husband
My Mysterious Husband

My Mysterious Husband

img Romance
img 4 Chapters
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Author: YnaTingTing
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Kalya Aurellia. Just call her Aya. The girl who always has strange dreams and wakes up accompanied by excruciating pain in her head. Every time she forced herself to dig deeper into her memory of the dream, not only did she fail, but there was also a rebellious pain. It was as if it wanted to split her skull in two. Kalya only knew that in the dream, there was someone who looked very much like her teacher. The cold lecturer is flat, and lacks expression. David Francisco, a mysterious figure who haunts Kalya in every flower she sleeps. Not enough with the problem, Kalya actually received the news that she was going to be arranged for an arranged marriage. How is that possible? Kalya already has a boyfriend! - The cold one is mysterious. (Kalya) - No need to force remembering if it's not time. (David)

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