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img img Romance img The Domineering Boy and His Innocent Girl
The Domineering Boy and His Innocent Girl

The Domineering Boy and His Innocent Girl

img Romance
img 142 Chapters
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Author: Blue Tears
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What would you do if you had to suffer pain consecutively without knowing the reason? "Angelina, you are such a bitch. You are going nowhere!" His eyes sparkled and he held her down. Life was perfect for an innocent teenager named, Angelina. She was easy-going and never stepped on anyone's toes. Her whole life took a downturn when she was accosted by a charming devil's incarnate named, Cedric one night. A few hours later, her father died without saying goodbye. After Angelina moved to a new city and transferred to a new school, she got a fresh start. She thought she was finally free from her assailant, but she was wrong. The devil tracked her and imprisoned her again. Despite the haunting nightmares of that horrible night, she convinced herself to forgive him. He continued to mistreat her and she finally decided to cut all ties with him before she got burnt in hell. However, he put her under his thumb and refused to let her go. With a vicious glint, he asked, "Angelina, do you really think you can escape from me? Haha! I will catch you even if you run to the ends of the earth!” "Just let me go. You wanted to kill me when I loved you wholeheartedly. But when I didn't love you, you pestered me incessantly. I've suffered enough!" she replied fearfully. How would Angelina defeat this devil? Why did he make it a point of duty to torment her? Would she ever forgive herself for her father's death? You can find out in this story filled with love, pain and pleasure.

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