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Love of my life

Love of my life

img Romance
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Author: Black heart
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You believe him to be the love of your life. What if he is not? what if you are wrong? when you think of having an apple life gives you a lemon which is what exactly happened in my life. "See I don't have time for your drama, I don't know what you have dreamt about this life with me but remember this I don't make love to you and I don't like that. I just wanna fuck you for the sake of my family so that you will give my parents a grandchild and they will stop nagging me about how beautiful life is after marriage. There ends my job and I can live my life however I like" he said those words dripping with venom in his voice. This is the man with whom I am going to spend the rest of my life. This is my life now and continue reading to know about my journey.

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