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The Novelist And The Superstar

The Novelist And The Superstar

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Author: Shadowfighter
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She is a simple girl who had a dream of being a Novelist and her dream came true she became a Novelist. A girl who is passionate about her job, She is a person who makes everyone laugh and likes to keep her surrounding people happy. She is a literal mood maker. A positive, Childish, humble and pure soul of her makes everyone fall for her. She is beautiful inside out. She never shut her mouth a total blabbermouth. But anyone doesn't get enough of her. With all her work she is finding a companion for herself who is hardworking, lovely, who doesn't have a high temper. But will she find her idol type? Or a whole different guy who is not her idol type. ‌Whereas him...............A Superstar. He dreamt of being one and is one. He is the whole package of handsomeness, really passionate about his work. He gets his way out even if the issue is huge. Loves his fans, loves to interact with them. They are his stress reliever. He is the one whom everyone wants but never gets. He is kind, appreciative and has a huge heart. But he never works hard but works smart, gets annoyed easily and has a high temper. He never disappoints his family, friends or fans. But he is too much busy in this all that he forgets about himself. He is too caught up to find his life companion and he doesn't care about it too. But what happens when he meets her? And gets to know her. Will they get together well or gets irritated by each other? Let's see............

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