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Damon's Possession

Damon's Possession

img Romance
img 2 Chapters
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Author: Mochi kook
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"P-please leave me. I don't even know who your brother is. " Luciana He snickered at her helpless form under him completely at his mercy. "You don't have to know him baby. I will make sure you will only remember me. Your hell like husband." Damon With his words he started his beasty acts not caring about how badly he tortured her. How badly he's damaging her soul. A pure broken doll who was already shattered inside and out. Her only hope was someone to come and save her from the nightmare in which she was living. But like people say nothing happens according to your wish. He came. Not to end her suffering but to increase it. A beast. Heartless psycho. Mafia boss. And Her worst nightmare... Will she be able to make him believe her innocence or will he end up in a pit of her love. A love.. His crazy love for her which wants nothing but to make her. Damon's Possession. WARNING: THIS BOOK CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT. READ IT ON YOUR OWN RISK. Copyright ©2020 Marwians

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