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What have I done?” The words were lost to the air and heard by no one, but she couldn’t help but repeat them over and over again as warm tears trickled down her cheeks. Everything that happened was on her shoulders. There was no one else to blame for the imbalance on Earth. She had allowed a monster to thrive, to take a place of power in the werewolf kingdom when he didn’t deserve it. He was everything that she didn’t see in a leader. Harsh. Greedy. Relentless. He had enough, but he wanted more, and she didn’t stop it. No one did, and she didn’t think they could. The people close to him loved him out of fear, and not one wolf dared to tell him where he went wrong. A bitter smile formed on her lips as she closed her sphere of magic. As the Moon Goddess, she was supposed to have ultimate control, but somehow, this was out of her reach. If she killed the wolf, there would be even more problems because so many wolves depended on him. If she didn’t kill him, the werewolf race would live on in fear and no freedom. They would be slaves chained to his existence. Anger bubbled in her chest, and she gripped her staff tightly until her knuckles were white and her veins were prominent. The infamous Alpha was ruining everything. He didn’t deserve any happiness for what he had done. Suddenly, a sinister smirk formed on her face as an idea started to form in her mind. Happiness. She snapped her fingers and transported herself to the room she needed for her plan. The Chamber of Souls. It was the place where she decided everything from birth to death for each werewolf in existence. The walls were lined floor to ceiling with narrow shelves that extended for miles. Each shelf had a row of tiny boxes on it, each containing a wolf’s soul. The Moon Goddess raised her staff to summon the one she needed, and a few seconds later, a little box flew off a shelf from the far right and into her hand in a flash. A frown formed on her face as she ran her thumb over the gold plated name on the box. Alrik Kuznetsov Such a beautiful name wasted on an evil soul. She leaned her staff against her body and opened the box up with two hands to eye the glowing, white sphere that was nestled in the cushions. It was larger than a marble but smaller than a golf ball, and the glow was bright enough to blind any other creature. That was enough to show how powerful this wolf was. His power blinded people. She grabbed her staff and placed it on the sphere, ready to put an end to the wolf’s reign with the curse she was about to place. “Cassandra!” The voice of her mate startled her from her concentration and the box toppled to the floor, causing the sphere to roll out of the cushions and to her mate. He crouched and picked up the sphere, studying it carefully as he straightened. “This is Alpha Alrik’s soul. What are you doing with it?” He asked, walking over to her and picking up the box as well. The Moon Goddess bit her lip and looked down at the sphere, “I was going to..” Her mate raised an eyebrow, “You were going to?” “I was going to curse him so he wouldn’t have a mate.” This time both his eyebrows rose in surprise, “That’s a bit shocking coming from you. You spend much of your time fawning over newly mated wolves.” “He doesn’t deserve a mate. How can anyone want someone like him? He’s poisonous to the core.” “Cassandra, I think you’re forgetting what I was like before I met you.” Her mate’s reminder made her freeze for a moment. He took that as a chance to continue, “Think about it, Cassandra. The curse could create even more problems if he takes his rage out on innocent wolves.” The Moon Goddess cocked her head and stared at her mate curiously, “Then what would you suggest? How do I stop him?” He took her hand and pressed the sphere into her palm, “I think he should have a mate, but it shouldn’t be someone who fears him and will submit to his dominant nature. If his soul is poison, his mate should be the antidote.” She took the sphere from his fingers slowly and rolled it between her own as her mind started to whirl, “Someone strong, but not cruel. A kind soul with a powerful voice. A woman whose authority matches, or perhaps even surpasses his.” “Exactly,” her mate whispered, “Like you.” She smiled softly and placed the sphere back in the box her mate was holding. It was time to stop the beast in his tracks a different way, one that would not only benefit him but all the wolves under his power. “Otis, Bertram!” Her loyal servants flew out to greet her immediately and bowed their heads, “Ms. Cassandra, what do you wish?” She gave them a small smile, “Otis, Bertram, I want you to travel down to earth to find a mate for Alpha Alrik Kuznetsov.” Their eyes widened at the name of the evil Alpha. His deeds were known around the world. “Are you sure, Ms. Cassandra?” Otis asked, clearly baffled by the request. The Moon Goddess nodded, “Yes, I am sure. It doesn’t matter what species his mate is, I want her to be as strong and vocal as he is, but for good ca

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