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The Emperor's Pampered Wife

The Emperor's Pampered Wife

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[Book One of the Regal Family Series] Hou Wei Yan had recently returned from States and the first thing she ever did was to work hard on the new hospital she was assigned. When she finally got a day off to return to her household, much to her horror, she was sold off by her father to a wealthy man comparable to that of an emperor. In an instant, she was dragged by his men to sign their marriage contract. She had long accepted that such a tragedy would come, but she never thought she would have a weird husband! He was set on not showing his face and yet pampering her to no end!

Chapter 1 The Lady is a Doctor

The pitter-patter of water droplets on the bright sunny day suddenly sent everyone in a panic. Mothers picked up their children and those crossing in the road or walking down the street instantly held their hands up to cover their heads and ran at full speed. The drowned-out voice of the droplets suddenly boomed as it became deadly and strong. The wind accompanied it in its journey making skirts and dresses blossom like a rose. Everyone ran away from the open instantly filling in the empty restaurants and places.

Everyone hid, except the CEO of one of the great companies in the Imperial. Jian Lan Group's CEO, Hou Guanyu walked out of his office after grabbing his coat and strode towards the elevator. He was in a hurry and his employee can see it clearly. Normally, he'd walk down slow and greet them but today seems different. His long time assistant, Chu Jin and the new secretary Miss Yuri was behind him, both also wearing their professional look.

"Did you see CEO Hou? Do we have important visitors today?" one of the employees asked right after the elevator doors closed.

Those who were holding their breath suddenly sighed in relief. They thought it was the end of their career. As they were new there they thought that if the CEO becomes like that someone ought to get kicked out.

"I thought he was going to fire someone" they cried out.

The ones who had been there for a long time only shook their head. "If it were important visitors, CEO would normally be happy"

Her friend nodded her head in agreement. "Something must have happened back at their household"

A young woman in her 20s suddenly exclaimed "It must be terrible for the CEO to be like that"

There was silence at the older one's table. Instead of agreeing with her, they smiled and proceeded with their work. Shi Yuan, one of the closest employees to the CEO shook her head at them. "He may seem stoic...but he's actually holding back his joy. This only means she's coming back"

The other employees gave her a confused look but Shi Yuan had already returned to her office without even explaining anything in detail. She was such a cliffhanger, now everyone wants to find out who she's referring to.


Meanwhile, inside the elevator, an oblivious Chen Yuri stood behind CEO Hou. As his secretary, she ought to know who he's meeting or if any visitors had suddenly shown up. She was supposed to be the one who gets their call first...but she received none that would warrant their CEO to take eager steps.

"Sir, the driver is waiting outside, shall I ask someone to wait outside the airport?" Assistant Chu Jin said and was ready to call someone.

But Guanyu suddenly spoke. "She wants her car, let someone drive it there and give it to her"

Now Yuri was much more confused. [Did his daughter go abroad?]

That can't be, she fetched Young Lady Jei Li yesterday and Miss Chungsa went to make trouble again yesterday so she can't possibly be abroad. Besides, if she did go, the possibility of her returning right afterward is only 5%. She's a spoiled little princess, she'd go shopping and touring first before she decides to return.

She wants to ask but she'd be admitting her shortcomings for not knowing what's going on. So she decided to just stand back and go with the flow.

"Are you not going there, sir? She's finally back in the country, shouldn't you be there to greet her?" Chu Jin asked boldly. Yuri however was not surprised.

In her short time, she had already noticed that the CEO does not treat Chu Jin as a mere assistant. Even if Chu Jin asks or says something that seems insulting to others, CEO Hou only acknowledges the insult and even thank him for the criticism. Perhaps it's because he's been with him for a very long time...or his insults simply made sense.

Guanyu looked at Chu Jin and nodded his head. "I want to, but you know her well. Now that she has a job she'd focus on that first. Worse, she might kick me if I go there with all the cars and the guards"

This time, Yuri was more convinced they weren't talking about Hou Chungsa or Hou Jei Li. If it was her she'd ask CEO Hou to bring all the cars he can get and all the men he can hire to show off her wealth. Hou Jei Li is so young to have a job. So who are they talking about?

"I understand your predicament. The young miss is indeed a hard one to handle, but it would still work out fine if you went" Chu Jin answered with all honesty.

"I'll meet her when it's time. That daughter of mine...she can do fine even without me around" their CEO answered with both disappointment and adoration.

He does miss her, but what can he do? He had done a terrible job as his father forcing her to leave the country. If she ever does hold resentment, he'll feel so bad he might get sick. So he needs to fortify himself. Until he can accept his daughter's words, he'll delay their meeting.

Yuri fell into a complete thinking mode. [Does the CEO have other daughters than Jei Li and Chungsa?]

Suddenly, she took an analyzing glance at their CEO. [Such a mighty man, the possibility of him having an illegitimate daughter is high. He might even have a lot of it]

Chu Jin took a glance at Yuri and noticed the slight change in her expression. He smiled, fully knowing what's running in her head.

A ting sound interrupted his staring as the elevator halted and opened up. Guanyu took the first step, followed by Chu Jin and Yuri. The men he had arranged greeted them and handed Chu Jin two pairs of umbrellas. Yuri took one and Chu Jin had the big one.

Once outside, Chu Jin made sure not a single drop of water touched their CEO. He was doing this job for a long time and knows very well how Guanyu hated getting damp.

"I'll be preparing the house for her, make sure you bring the things I asked you tonight" Guanyu ordered as he boarded the car.

"Well then, I'll be leaving. Call me if anything happens" he added and finally closed the window. Chu Jin and Yuri bowed down, each now holding their umbrella. The car drove at high speed at Guanyu's command leaving the two under the rain.

Yuri looked at Chu Jin and opened her mouth. But she was too nervous that a word never came out. If she asks, isn't she stepping out of bounds? The matter is much personal that if she asks Chu Jin might lash out at her for being nosy.

"I know what you're going to ask. But ask anyway. I know it's not a matter that can warrant your dismissal" he said and looked at her. Yuri nodded her head and gulped before looking at the empty road their CEO took.

"Does the CEO have an illegitimate daughter?"

Chu Jin sighed and shook his head. "He only has two daughters and has no illegitimate ones at all. You met Young Lady Jei Li already"

Yuri looked at him confused. But their CEO said 'that daughter of mine'. In shock, she looked at him. "Then he has a mistress, and he calls her daughter?"

This question took Chu Jin by surprise. He doesn't know if he was ought to laugh or bring her to a psychiatrist for thinking such a thing.

Who would even dare call their mistress, daughter? Such a question was idiotic but he does not blame her at all. She had only entered the company 3 months ago and she knew nothing like the others.

"Do you think Chungsa's attitude is what a lady of the Hou Household would act...much more a daughter he took care and raised?" he asked and turned around.

Yuri ran behind him, still confused about the matter. "You mean she was adopted?"

"No. She's merely someone leeching off others' wealth" he said and took a halt as he began thinking of Fe Chungsa who was reining on the throne that wasn't hers.

Fe Chungsa is not the real daughter. Chu Jin's question also implied she wasn't his illegitimate child. She's not adopted either. Which only means she's the daughter of his wife from another man.

[But why does he treat her like her own?]

"How come no one knows of his real daughter? He hid her so the daughter of his wife can take her place?" that thought was so sinister. But is their CEO really that kind of man?

[Is he the kind of blind husband that'd prefer the arrangements of his wife than the welfare of his daughter?]

Chu Jin shook his head. "It's not like CEO is hiding her, they just didn't try to find out who the real daughter was"

Yuri followed behind with tons of questions still lingering in her mind. [Why is he raising Chungsa like a spoiled brat while his daughter gets shrouded by mystery? Is he protecting her from someone? Maybe Fe Chungsa's mother schemed all this! Then the daughter could possibly be returning after she escaped the scheme?]

"Where is the real daughter now?" she was only asking it in her mind, but it slipped out.

Honestly, she does not like Fe Chungsa at all. She was a pampered brat and her attitude towards employees may seem great but she's nothing but a loathsome person in a mask. So she's curious where the real daughter is because perhaps she's a much better person. She'd want her around Jian Lan than the fake one.

Chu Jin went inside the elevator and Yuri not wanting to end the conversation followed suit. He does not want her to remain oblivious so he looked at her, analyzed her, and thought that she knows that the matter was not something she can spill out and interfere with. It's probably okay to tell her.

"She's at the airport and probably going to Yi Lan afterward for her first day of work"

Yuri's eyes went wide.

"The young lady is a doctor?" she asked which was only replied by a curt nod.


Becoming a doctor is hard work, much more working as one. She could just work at her father's company and spend more money than earn. But she actually decided to leave and become a doctor which warrants a lot of time and effort. It's also very dangerous because it exposes her to sickness.

[An heiress like her actually chose that than plainly being wealthy?!]

"What happened to them? Why is the CEO's daughter working like that?"

Chu Jin looked at her. "It's not appropriate to discuss it at such a place. working as a doctor bad?"

In an instant, Yuri fell into a panic. She shook her head vigorously and gulped down. "No. I don't think so. It's just that... it's a virtuous job...and I think I like her already for becoming one. I pay great respect to doctors"

He nodded his head and understood her. At first, he too did not believe she abandoned her studies on finance and worked her ass out to become a doctor. However, he thinks she's much more charming now that she had become a doctor than a plain heiress who was bounded to Hansang.

"What's her name?" Yuri asked curiously.

Chu Jin looked at her before he looked away with a smile. "Doctor Hou Wei Yan...the rightful owner of Jian Lan Group"


The sun was just rising at that time, everyone was practically sleeping in the neighborhood but the young doctor Hou was already up. She slung her back backpack with a key chain stating 'World's Most Awesome Doctor' written in it.

It wasn't like she was bragging but the key chain held a special meaning to her. It was the first thing that commemorated her arrival to her dreams of becoming a full-fledged doctor.

A profession she once thought was a pipe dream but through many struggles, she finally made it.

But now, she had to leave the country that made her realize her dream. A sad smile dominated her face as she looked around her apartment. It was full of memories, both good and bad.

She glanced at her kitchen which witnessed her journey from a terrible cook who burns even hot dogs, to a woman who one can call a great wife to be.

Then she lingers her eyes in her living room which practically saw all her mood shifts. It stood witness to how she still watches cartoons and idolizes young men whose great at singing and performing.

[Ahh, great times]

Lastly, her mini-library was there when she's gloomy or overly excited for a good read. It was the witness of how her passion for romance grew and how her dream guy came to be.

Such a great apartment, but she had to leave it because she had already achieved her reason for coming to America. "Don't worry, I'll come back when I have time" she mumbled to the wind as though comforting the apartment.

"Madame Rouche will take care of you while I'm gone" she added and took one final glance at the apartment.

With a heavy suitcase and her beloved stuffed toy in her hand, she exited her apartment and locked it with a heavy heart. She placed a gentle kiss on the door, pouring her feelings on it like she was bidding farewell to a lover.

After planting the kiss, she took slow steps away from her apartment and took the elevator. As the doors closed, a single tear slid down her face which she wiped instantly.

No, she's going to return, so she did not have to cry. She comforted herself and got off after arriving at the ground floor.

The owner of the place, Madame Pearson, was waiting for her below along the security guard. Both of them had viewed the young woman as a very important person in their life. She was very kind and caring. Even though she comes home rarely, she would always pay them respect and visit them with her signature chocolate cake with cayenne pepper ganache. Whenever someone gets sick, she'd always be the one to give first aid when she's there and help them with the hospital arrangements when she's at the hospital.

After learning of her sudden decision to leave, they were saddened. Seeing the young doctor stepping out of the elevator with her suitcase instantly sent Madame Pearson into tears. It was like her grandaughter was leaving and it's breaking her heart.

"Madame P" she exclaimed as she ran towards her. She wiped her tears away with a sad look. "Please don't cry, you're making me extremely sad"

Madame Pearson wiped her tears but continued to look at her sadly and silently weep. "I can't help it, you're leaving. Wei Yan, can't you stay?"

Wei Yan gave her a sincere smile and shook her head. "I have to, my stay here is long overdue. I have no more reason to stay away from my homeland. But it's not like I'll be gone forever, consider it just going out for a vacation"

Looking at the bright young woman who had a sad look in her eyes made her stop her weeping. She may look fine with everything, but her eyes spoke otherwise. As she looks deeply, she saw sadness, a pool of caged tears stood evidence of this. Hou Wei Yan made a decision, as elders they must respect it and not hinder her. If they do so, aren't they just burdening her and making her much sadder?

So the once weeping old woman hugged her tightly and let her go instantly. "I'll remember your words. Please be safe there"

"I will" she said and took a glance at Mr. Rafael.

"See you soon, Mr. Raffie" her smile was enough to show how grateful she was. Rafael nodded his head and waved his hands.

"Bring me your country's best food when you come back" he said as he has a deep fascination with Chinese cuisine.

Hou Wei Yan gave an endearing laugh. "I'll bring tons for you. Madame Rouche will be taking care of the apartment while I'm gone"

"We'll take care of her well, don't worry" he said. This made her relieve because Madame Rouche was quite a hard one to handle, but if Rafael was ready to take on the challenge, then she has nothing more to fear.

"Then, I'm off" she finally said and stepped out of the building, instantly boarding a taxi. She knew she would cry if she took another glance, so she fixed her gaze on her panda stuffed toy with a determined look. Once she's back in China, she will devote herself more to her job.


Hou Wei Yan was now inside the airplane, a book of another romantic encounter in her hands. She swept her gaze outside and felt warmth rushing through her. She's finally mustered up the courage to return that it felt magical and nauseous.

Is she nervous?

Likely, since the possibility of a direct encounter with her fear is high.

"Honey? Honey, what's wrong?" the sudden call of a Chinese woman perked up her ears. She had called out quite loudly making some passengers look her way, including her.

Beside the woman was a three years old girl who was already crying and wheezing. She was clutching her chest as though she was in so much pain and was clearly out of breath as sweats began dripping down her face.

"She's having an attack. Xu, get her inhaler, quick" the male beside her ordered and stood up to hold the child's hands. "Its okay, baby, take deep breaths"

The woman named Xu scrambled in their luggage, practically throwing everything inside.

"Xu, hurry!" the man yelled taking some people by surprise.

They were speaking Chinese and most of the people on that flight were foreigners who were invited to an event in China. It was obvious the child was having an attack but what is she looking for?

The stewardess was already beside them, trying to help and control the situation. "Madame, what are we looking for, I may be of assistance"

Xu was already in tears as she crawled on the floor to take another look at the things she threw out. "Her inhaler, I didn't find it"

"Are you sure you had it inside the bag?" she asked while also looking around for the inhaler. The woman nodded her head and continued searching inside every space their bag had.

"Did you see any inhaler while she's searching for her bag?" she asked the passengers in English.

The couple who was looking at them the whole time shook their head. "We saw everything except any inhaler"

"Xu, what are you doing?!" the man yelled out again while soothing their daughter. "It's getting terrible"

Xu cried even more after hearing him exclaim. "I'm looking!!!"

The stewardess looked at her in worry. "Madame, it looks like it wasn't there. Perhaps you packed it in your checked luggage, it happens most of the time"

The young woman stopped, a sudden scene played out in her mind sending her tears to lose control. "Oh my God! Yan, it's in our checked luggage!"

Her husband stopped and looked at her in utter disbelief. "What? How the heck did that happen?!"

Her wife shook her head. "I don't know!"

She was now terrified to unknown lengths. What are they going to do now?

Noticing the sudden turn of events, her husband instantly called out for medical assistance. "Is there a doctor or a physician on board? Please come forward, there's a child having an asthma attack, we need immediate assistance"

Wei Yan closed her book in an instant and stood up. She walked towards the passenger's seat and looked at the stewardess. "I'm a doctor at Yi Lan hospital, call for the ambulance to be ready once we land. Tell them it's Doctor Hou Wei Yan. And get me an oxygen meter, please"

She clutched down and looked at the child. She was short of breath and might pass out but she's holding out quite well.

"Listen, darling" she stopped and looked at her parents. "What's her nickname?"

"Ruru. We call her Ruru" her mother instantly answered making her nod.

"Listen, Ruru. You're a very brave and outstanding girl. You're very calm, you're doing it excellently, so stay like that, okay? Stay calm. This older sister will help you, so take long deep breaths for me, okay? Ruru?" she asked with a bright smile sending the kid the assurance she needed.

Surprisingly, the kid nodded her head. The stewardess instantly gave her the oxygen meter. After a short while, she found out the child's oxygen level was dipping to a dangerous level. She looked around and calmly told the stewardess. "Ask for an inhaler"

The stewardess nodded her head and an instant, a middle-aged woman raised her hand.

"I have an inhaler with me" she walked towards them with an inhaler in her hands. Hou Wei Yan took a glance around and knew there won't be any hands raising up.

"Ma'am, are you the one using the inhaler?" she asked as the woman placed it in her hand. Wei Yan checked the inhaler.

"Yes, it's for me"

Slowly, she shook her head and looked at the child. "It's for adults. She's too young to understand how it properly works"

With what she said, the mother's tears fell once more. Now the situation is turning dire again.

Noticing this, Hou Wei Yan took the mother's hands and placed it in the child's hands. "Please hold her and calm her while I make preparations"

The husband looked at her dumbfounded. "What are you doing? Save her!"

"That's what I'm planning to do" she muttered before clapping her hand, drawing everyone's attention towards her.

"I need your help to make a makeshift nebulizer that delivers both oxygen and asthma medication. To create it, I need some things that you may have. I need a water bottle and a plastic cup" she asked in a kind manner no one can decline.

The couple earlier looked at their bag and luckily they have a water bottle. The young woman strode towards her and gave her the water bottle. Meanwhile, one old man handed her a plastic cup. She bowed down towards them. "I appreciate it, thank you so much"

She looked at the stewardess once more. "I need something to cut this up, an oxygen mask and an oxygen tank"

The stewardess took immediate action and gave her everything that she needed. "I had already called Yi Lan and they said they are on stand by"

"Thank you. Mr. Yan, please lend me a hand"

Seeing his daughter in such pain and not being able to do a thing, is very excruciating. If she does not do anything about this matter, it may leave some pent-up frustration to the father. The husband instantly let loose of his wife's hand and aided the doctor.

She cut up a water bottle and added oxygen to one end and the adult inhaler through a hole in a plastic bottle. Thus, the oxygen and medication will get delivered through the bottle's opening, directly to the child. After finishing her contraption, she brought it to Ruru, and with the help of her parents placed the oxygen mask.

She looked at the crying mother and slowly rubbed her back.

"She's going to be fine" she said and gave a sincere smile. "Your child is a fighter, and she has great parents to support her"

"Thank you" she cried as she hugged the doctor's arms. Her husband let loose the tears as he watched his daughter slowly regaining her normal breathing.

"Thank you doctor" he said as he wiped away his tears and held his daughter's hands.

This made everyone in the airplane who witnessed her performance clapped their hands. Wei Yan looked at them and kindly gave them a humble smile.

"It's because you helped me. Thank you so much" she said making them clap once more.

After it died down, she clutched again. "I will continue to observe her until we get to China"

The parents nodded their heads, slowly clutching their daughter who was just saved by a beautiful doctor a moment ago.

Right after two hours, the child had already begun playing with her mother once more. The people who continued watching along Wei Yan gave her an amused glance. This young woman seems too young to be a doctor that they doubted her at first. But she's the complete example of don't judge a book by its cover phrase.

What she did was simply outstanding!

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