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img img Modern img Turning Love Into Madness
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Love comes in different forms and sizes. Just when you thought that life couldn't get any better, love unexpectedly came in a form of your soulmate. Savini is a victim of love. She had done whatever it takes to be reciprocated to the man she loves. She dresses like a woman from the high society. Not only that, but she tries to talk like a high-class socialite and became the villainess of the story when a brunette woman who came from nowhere suddenly snatch her man under her nose. How could she bear to let the woman be happy in her man's arms? She schemes and schemes and schemes until she had no redemption from her sins. Can she really make the man she falls in love with fall in love with her? How far can you go for love? For Savini, she will do anything, whatever it takes, even if she has to get it through hook or by crook.

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