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The billionaire and his surrogate

The billionaire and his surrogate

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Christy had to do surrogacy for money, for a lot of money, for some reasons... She spent a turbulent night with a strange man in a strange villa for one, not one, many rounds of sexual intercourse, and eventually got pregnant. After giving birth to a twins of one boy and one girl and giving them away like agreed, her pain didn’t stop. She gave birth to another baby boy on the way back home. With overjoy, she kept the youngest son to herself and raised him by herself. Will she meet the other two babies of hers ever again? Will she meet the father of her three children ever again?

Chapter 1 Surrogacy for a ceo

"Christy, your father! He...he...he went over to the roof of the company building to kill himself! Come here quickly!” "What?!!" Christy Zhong jumped up in fear by this phone call with her mother's crying voice in it. Before she could reply more, she ran out of the girls' dormitory of the Academy of Performing Arts with her mobile phone. Regardless of the cold rain on her body, she ran all the way to the school gate. However, the college was located on the edge of the urban area, with sparse traffic and few taxis passing by. Christy was in such a hurry that she rushed down the road recklessly and opened her arms to intercept a speeding private car. Squeak! A silver Bentley made a sharp noise and stopped ten centimeters away from Christy! “President Feng, are you okay?" Ming Xiang, a special assistant to CEO, calmed his mind and asked the big boss sitting in the back seat. "I'm fine." James Feng said with a slight frown. At this time, Christy had ran to the door and knocked on the windows. She bent down and looked in, begging,"Sorry sir, I have something urgent to go to Ganyuan Building. Could you be so kindly to take me there? Please!" Ming Xiang pressed a button and the window slowly lowered. When James's cold eyes fell on Christy's innocent wet face, he was slightly stunned and amazed. Ming Xiang was about to yell at Christy outside, but James spoke first: "Let her in." "...Oh." Deeply surprised, Ming Xiang answered slowly and pressed the unlock button, allowing Christy to come in and sit at the passenger seat. "Thanks, thank you so much!" Christy expressed her gratitude hurriedly, with anxious eyes at the Bentley starting and then turning around at the intersection ahead. No one spoke, and the atmosphere in the carriage was frozen. James gazed at Christy's side face through the flickering light. No matter how he examined it, he felt that she overlapped with the shadow figure hidden in his heart. While, the examined Christy was in such deep worries of her father's life and death that she didn't distract to look back. In the boring darkness, they drove for about twenty minutes, and finally reached her destination, Ganyuan Building. At that time, the square before the Building was already full of hustle and bustle. Ambulances and fire engines were all parked to one side. A cordon was pulled up at the entrance of the lobby and giant airbags were set up. Firemen, security guards, and police were all in full force, persuading media reporters who were carrying various short and long shooting equipment for explosive news and onlookers to leave the site. Without waiting for the car to stop steadily, Christy pushed the door open and sped out. "Ah! He jumped!" Someone screamed suddenly in the crowd, and then exclamations rose one after another. Bang! A heavy body fell straight from the 38th floor of the Building, hit the edge of the airbag, and finally rolled onto the ground! The scene immediately became loud and noisy. "Gosh! How terrible!" "Don't watch it, go away!" "Eek, I can see his liver and brains!" Just about to run over, Christy's feet weakened, and she felt a huge blackness appearing before her eyes, "No! Don't! Dad--" She fell to the ground as well and fainted... A week later. In the skyrocketing Chenxing Holding Group Building, James was reviewing documents in the top CEO's office. Ming Xiang walked in and reported: "President, the screening results have come out, please have a look." then he handed over a document. "Get to the point." James was expressionless and didn't even look up. His voice didn't have any warmth because he didn't want to be distracted by such things. Ming Xiang retrieved the document obediently and said, "The selected candidate is called Christy, 19 years old, a sophomore at the Academy of Performing Arts in this city..." "Christy?" James repeated the familiar name, and the face of the girl in a panic who intercepted his car on the cold rainy night a week ago showed up in his mind.

Ming Xiang felt that the big boss had already remembered who Christy was, and could not help raising his voice and said, "Yes, she was the girl who stopped our car and rushed to Ganyuan Building that night. I saw that both her appearance and all aspects of conditions met your requirements, so I paid special attention to her background and family. No surprise, she was in a desperate situation after Ganyuan Zhong died." Seeing that Ming Xiang was going to report all the news of Ganyuan Company and Zhong Family which had been continuously reported by the media in the past few days, James raised his voice impatiently: "Okay, she is the one, remember to do the confidentiality measures well, now you can go." With that, he continued to review the documents without looking at Ming Xiang again, who was standing erect and still. At 8 o'clock that night, Christy arrived at the agreed place at the right time and waited nervously. Tonight was still within the first seven days of her father’s pass-away. She was supposed to do a sacrifice ceremony and burn some paper money for him at home, but after his suicide, her mother and she were wiped out and kicked out of their house to the streets by creditors, who even froze all their real estate and companies. If it weren’t for the kindness of Christy's lady bro, they would have to sleep at the bottom of an overpass. It turned out that misfortunes pile up one another. Mrs. Zhong ran out to borrow money from relatives, unfortunately, she tripped over accidentally and hit a sharp stone in the back of her head, causing skull damage. After being sent to hospital for operation, she was still in a coma. Out of organizing her father’s funeral and taking care of her mother who was lying on the hospital bed, Christy was exhausted, but the most difficult thing to face was the huge amount of surgery and treatment fees. It was impossible to rely on the lady bro to help the penniless Christy. So she plucked up her courage and went to her boyfriend Yunxiao Ji 's home for help. As expected, she was turned away! Yunxiao Ji and his Ji Family have never showed up since her father committed suicide. There hasn't been a single phone call or a word of condolences. The man who had wooed her ardently before seemed to have never existed! What made her most chilling was her uncle's family, who disappeared without a trace overnight! If she could not raise enough money to pay the hospital's arrears within a short period of time, her mother would have to be discontinued with drugs, and the consequences would be disastrous. At this moment, she received a mysterious phone call asking whether she was willing to do surrogacy. The payment was two million yuan. There was no other choice. She was willing to do anything to save her mother. After serious consideration about her mother's critical condition, Christy agreed. She did a comprehensive physical examination. That afternoon, she received a call to inform her that she was eligible and recruited. That day was happened to be her ovulation period. She was asked to sign the agreement and settle the first down payment. Then, begin with the surrogacy procedures. Squeak... A black Mercedes Benz drew to the side of the road. The sound pulled the faraway-minded Christy back to realities. She couldn't help shaking her hands, looking pale at the falling window. "Come on!" Ming Xiang, who sat in the driver's seat and wore a black baseball cap and a large mask to hide his face tightly, gestured to the dazed Christy. Christy numbly opened the back seat door and sat in. Ming Xiang handed her the pre-prepared agreement:"Miss Zhong, take a close look at the contract and sign it. One million yuan will be transferred to your account first, and after you give birth to a child, we will deliver the other one million, and, for the health of the child and for the success of the conception, I have to declare in advance that this must be a nature conceiving." Nature conceiving? Looking at the contract, Christy raised her head and stared at Ming Xiang. She knew what these words meant. They meant that she was going to have a sexual relationship with a strange man!

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