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img img Romance img Bend The Knee
Bend The Knee

Bend The Knee

img Romance
img 12 Chapters
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Author: Davina Pia
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Ravenna is an orphan who’s wallowing in the depths of poverty until she’s both saved and kidnapped by Luca – a hot mercenary – who’s duty bound and hell bent on taking her to her highest bidder. Highest purchaser? Who just is Ravenna? Unknown to Rav, Luca wants her to a point of obsession. When Rav finds out, she’s determined to do everything in her power to free herself from the sexy beast who stole her freedom. She’ll seduce him into wavering from his adamant resolve…she’ll con him into protecting her from dangers she will soon become aware of. She’ll do all that… …until she’s caught in her own spider web and realizes that beneath Luca’s tough surface lies a damaged man, that plus she wants him too. Perhaps, a little more than she admits.

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