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Bad Boy!? My Foot!

Bad Boy!? My Foot!

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Alan Rush is a sloppy potato as he claims himself to be, but one must never judge a book by its cover. Charlie Swift, the typical bad boy of his college has somewhat entangled fate with this potato. A contractual marriage brings the two close but it brought alongwith itself eyes of a psychopath killer on Alan. Just when things between Alan and Charlie started getting better, a psycho not only brought Alan's past in front of Charlie but also conspires to separate the two and keep Alan locked with himself. Will Charlie love Alan and will be able to save him from the Psychopath?

Chapter 1 One

"Don't waste my time say what you want or I will leave," Charlie Swift, a nineteen years old college student with a daunting personality, long fringe eclipsing his grey eyes, stood in the middle of an empty basketball court wearing his uniform and the basketball in his hands.

"Ah! Umm... I-I wanted to tell you that..." Elisa, a timid girl, barely able to speak a word stood before him.

Charlie rolled his eyes and started walking away.

"Wait! I-I..." Elisa stopped again.

"I said I don't have time..."

"I love you!" Elisa shouted.

Charlie stared at her blankly for a few seconds and then walked close. Elisa was too nervous to lift her head.

"I—Love—Myself too," he said and started walking away.

"B-But! I love you a lot. I want to be your girlfriend." Elisa said gathering all possible courage she could.

"I love myself too, but that doesn't oblige me to date you. Don't waste your time. You are not my type. Don't show me your face again. You are irritatingly irritating." Charlie threw the ball in the air,

Elisa flinched, and the ball straight away went into the basket.

She stood there crying bitterly as Charlie picked up the ball and side passed her.

"Cry all you want and then go find someone who will love you better. I didn't want to hurt you, but I don't want to give you false hope too. Nothing is lacking in you, nothing is wrong with you, it's just that you ain't my type," he said and left.

Charlie's gang waited for him outside the basketball court.

"What happened?" Henry, the same age as Charlie, the tallest on the ground with pitch-black eyes and bleached hair asked.

"What was she saying?" Jacob, the boy with the most brain and logic in the group asked.

"Why is she crying?" Daniel, the most illogical and aggressive of the group asked.

"Nothing. She confessed, I rejected, she irritated me, I made her cry. That's all. Let's go," Charlie said and all four of them left for the locker and changing room of the college.

The sound of the shower, fog of foam and the smell of maturing men engulfed the boys changing room. The four most handsome boys of the college were taking a bath with no eyes to adore them?


Eyes through the binoculars and telescopes invaded the boys' privacy from the girls' changing room. All the girls were crazy about the four bad boys, who were the boys who didn't care at all.

Every time a girl approached any of them, her confession was smashed like a boiled potato.

Potato? Yes, a potato! Well, that reminds me of a new entry in college. A boy.

No! Not a bad boy, but just a boy who is a...


Well, that's what he calls himself. A bit sluggish, absolutely useless potato, well that is what he says. Ok.

"It's already lecture time. What is he doing? Why is he sleeping in the class? Who the hell is he?" Song, an eighteen years old average student, asked her friend, judging the boy with spectacles and a book used to shield his sleepy face from the viewers. "I think he is the new transfer student, right?" Song asked.

"Yah! Whatever! None of our business. Well, did you hear how Charlie just rejected Elisa?" Her friend, Sing, squealed.

"Yah! He is such a macho. I wish he was in our class. That would be so nice," Song joined Sing in her squeal.

What a headache? A normal student can't even sleep peacefully in a classroom when the lecture is about to start. These girls are so nosy and noisy. Huh! I wish I got a seat in the backbench. But no! My great, uselessly rich family had to fix my seat just where the teacher could see me. I hate this. I just wanna sleep.

The class began and ended while Alan Rush, a nerdy-looking guy with huge spectacles on his face, hair messed up, fulfilled his sleep. He was casually dressed in a white shirt with a jacket paired with jeans. He wore the comfiest clothes he could find in his wardrobe at college because he came to college to sleep.

The whole day Alan was a sluggish student in the whole class, but as soon as the classes finished, heavens sent in him energy like no other and he dashed out of the cage before others could even blink.

"Freedom smells like freedom. I am too lazy to even make dialogues right now. I am a potato after all. I only sleep, hahaha. No, there is one thing that excites me like no other. And that's painting. I love painting," Alan cheerfully walked outside the college where a royal car waited for him.

While Alan's car crossed the play zone of the college, he peered out of the window.

Stupid kids! Wasting their precious energy being enthusiastic about a ball. Huh! How can a ball turn them on? Chasing after it as if it was their love life. Well, I wouldn't even chase for my love like this. Huh! I love painting. I am happy colouring a blank page, even if I leave my life pages blank.

"Charlie! Pass the ball to me," Henry said, panting.

"No, to me!" Jacob said.

"Huh! I will choose Henry this time. Jacob! Bro, this time, you are no good," Charlie passed the ball to Henry, who caught it and bam!

Into the basket.

"Woah! Well done, Charlie!" Daniel howled and the three of them jumped on him.

"Let's go back home, I don't wanna take a shower again, this was the last round, let's play tomorrow," said Charlie and picked up his bag.

"Hey Charlie, how are you going back?" Jacob asked.

"My bike, of course, wanna join?"

"Of course! Drop me to my after college classes."

"Jacob, how many classes do you attend? Is the college not enough to annoy you?"

"Come on! He loves studying, don't you know. He will be a billionaire one day," Daniel and Henry joined the chat.

"Appoint me as your secretary, Mr future billionaire," Charlie chuckled.

"Enough! Stop pulling my leg, will you drop me or should I call a cab?" Jacob squinted his eyes.

They reached the parking area of the college while chatting, Charlie stood near his bike, grabbed the extra helmet and handed it to Jacob. "Don't be an angry bird, come on hop-on," he started the bike, Jacob sat behind him and he raced his bike outside the college campus.

"Can't you ride slowly!" Jacob held Charlie's shoulders tightly.

"Slow! That's not in my dictionary!"

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