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Mister Billionaire's Treasure

Mister Billionaire's Treasure

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Ruchee’s life changed when she got abducted and listed as one of the highest items in the famous underworld auction. Can she save herself from being sold, or will her soul be sold to one of the underworld’s greatest billionaire?

Chapter 1 Unfamiliar Place

I opened my eyes, and my vision was dark. Something was covering my eyes. I was blindfolded. I felt the sweat flowing from my forehead down to my cheeks. My chest was throbbing so fast that it seemed it could explode any second.

I can hear so much noise coming from the outside where I currently was. It annoys my ear, and the smell of the place is somewhat nasty. I don’t know, but different scents are hovering around coming from cigarettes, alcohol, and there’s one unfamiliar but disgusting smell. This place suffocates me and a little cold.

I tried to remember what happened earlier and why I ended here. Maybe, it’s already five hours after what happened, or I’m not sure how many hours had passed. I just remembered walking out from the bar I’m working on, then suddenly, someone grabbed and forced me to enter a black car.

I moaned. My nape suddenly hurts. Whoever did this to me, I’m sure that this place is not safe just by hearing those noises and sniffing those smells without my concern. But what’s the reason for them to do this to me?

Do they need money? Well, I’m poor.

Do they need my body? Well, I’m not sexy, and I’m not a suitable verse type of woman.

Do they need beauty? Oh, C’mon! Their taste is terrible. I only have a brain to sell. Arg!

I thought my hands were tied just like they did by blocking my eyes with clothes. I immediately dug around and thanked God, and my legs aren’t connected too. They just stopped my vision, so I can still use my hands and legs to save myself.

I’m not sure about my current location or what kind of place I’m in, but right now, I smell danger. I may not beautiful and sexy enough to trade myself, but I’m happy to have an excellent brain that I could trust.

Yes, I’m talking nonsense.

I stood up and almost fell over. I’m not sure how long I’ve been in this place, but probably, I’ve been sitting here for hours.

I tried to balance myself and let out a deep sigh. I felt uncomfortable and a little weird about the clothes I was wearing. My jaw almost dropped when I touched the clothes covering my body.

No— it’s just covering my shoulders down to my panty line. That’s why it was so cold earlier. I can’t see what precisely I’m wearing, but I’m sure that it’s damn lingerie!

I gritted my teeth and closed my fist. My body heated because of anger. I was devastated and harassed at the same time. How dare they! Whoever did this to me, I will make them pay.

I started taking steps slowly headed to where I’m facing. I don’t know what’s in front of me or if I’m with anyone right now. My body could be hit by a dangerous object or come in contact with a difficult person.

I almost slapped myself. Why is my brain not working now? Arg! I forgot that my hands are free to remove the blindfold.

When I finally removed the blindfold, I immediately looked around. It’s already clear that I’m alone inside this room. The whole place was painted dark gray, and there’s light coming from a mini chandelier.

I continued roaming my eyes around the place, and there’s a circular black glass table near a large closed door. This place was seemingly a die-hard fan of black color. After roaming around, I turned my gaze on myself.

My hunch earlier was correct instead of the color. I’m wearing black lingerie. Whoever brings me here or the owner of this place, the taste of that person was odd. There are multiple types of colors but is black too much attractive?

Again, I tried to remember the possibility of why I ended up here. I only recall walking out from the bar and going home when suddenly some men dragged me and forcefully entered me in a car. Even the car is black. How hilarious. The choices of color are funny. Maybe the person behind this happening has dark edges on their life.

I’m thinking too deep, especially why I’m here and why it’s me that got abducted. Yes, this is kidnapping! Without an individual’s primary concern, forcing them and dragging them into an unfamiliar place defies human rights.

Also, I’m no rich. I’m no beauty. If the abductors want to sell my organs, well, I won’t recommend it. The only beauty in me is my soul. Well, there’s something off about it, too, but only a little.

This situation is getting me insane! I don’t even know what time is it now, or is it still the same day where it all happens, starting from the abduction? Gosh! I want to kick some douchebag. Maybe, the mastermind of this was a douche itself.

What’s happening outside right now? It’s wrong to be here. I need to get out. I still have many things to do. My responsibilities being a student and as a sister. I let out a frustrated sigh. I also felt that my body is getting weak.

Maybe because I’ve been sitting on the floor for the longest time, wearing these uncomfortable clothes plus those nasty smells and noisy environment. But, weirdly, I didn’t feel any hunger.

I’ve snapped back to reality when the large door in front of me suddenly opens, the reason why the noise becomes loud and clear. It was coming from a stereo. It looks like a party was happening behind this abduction.

My eyes stared at the two men who looks like a bouncer wearing a black t-shirt. I just stared at them while they take the path in my direction. My right brow raised when they stop in front of me.

“You’re already awake,” said the one who has a tattoo on his right cheek. Both of them seem like pro troublemakers.

“Oh. It’s obvious that my bodyguards are waiting for the sleeping beauty to come alive,” I sarcastically said. I don’t think that it’s them who dragged me out to enter the car. If so, then there’s a lot of them. What are they planning to do with me?

They looked at each other, trying to bear with my answer. Both of the two men turned their gaze on me again. Their eyes were quite troubled like they don’t know how to deal with me. Funny, am I a monster? Well, I don’t bite, but just a little.

“Just come quietly,” the other man, who has a tattoo on his left leg, said, then suddenly grab my shoulder. Is their tattoo a kind of symbol for their group? Well, it’s not taking a good look either.

A serpent covering a sword, that’s what their tattoo looks likes. I’m glad that it doesn’t go in black. It might freak me out that this place was full of black!

“H-Hey! Be gentle if something happens to this girl. Even if a scratch, we’re doomed. You know it well that the boss won’t let us off the hook,” said the man who has a tattoo on his right cheek. I noticed that there’s a fear in his voice.

I just named the tattooed man on the cheek as number one and the other as number two. My stomach suddenly turned upside down, but I managed to stop it. This hobbit!

Number two let go of my shoulder, and his face was full of fear. I don’t know, but I get a picture of their boss. It might be a fatty ass who snores like a pig and with an annoying voice. I’m sure that behind all of this happening is a man.

I don’t know what’s the reason for abducting and dragging me to this unfamiliar place that recks of alcohol and cigarettes. It’s so disgusting. I may not be an average person, but I still need a damn good place to inhale healthy air.

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