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Dragon Son In Law

Dragon Son In Law

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As the son in law of a rich family, everyone thinks that I am useless crap, However, I will prove myself to be a King of Dragon!

Chapter 1 live-in son-in-law


Ava Smith-Wei Ying/ Xiao Ying (bida gir maiden namel)

Allen Peterson-Zhao Feng (nida guy)

Erick Jones-Fang Chonggong (deputy director of the drug sales department of Donghai Pharmaceutical)

Anna Wright-Chen Min (wei ying's cousin)

Professor Scott Walker-Professor Zhang Demeng (doctor from donghai city)

Lewis Martin-Qian Zhao Yang or Shao Yang(section chief of the drug administration)

Mr. Green-Mr. Li (general manager)

Smith's -wei's

Patrick Peterson- Zhao Tianyun (uncle of Allen)

Eddie Peterson-Zhao Er (younger broter of Feng/ Allen)

Mr. David Alberts (David-first name) General manager Lao Ding/ Guard Laoding

Dr. Lin or Lin Xin (doctor. Guy) - Darius Xanders

Li Yan (head nurse. Girl) - Amanda Rivers

Zach Peterson-- (Head of Zhao Family/ Allen's Father)Zhao Liangdong

Carter Peterson-(allen's brother)Zhao Nian/ Xiaonian

Daniel-Zhao ER ( Guard that Zhao nian leads)

Mikel-Zhao Shisan ( Guard that Zhao nian leads)

Daniel Dacota -Mr. Wang or boss Wang

Carter Danford- Manager Zhang

Dr. Clayton Stanford- Dr. Liu


Yikang pharmaceutical- Allied Pharmaceutical company

East China Sea Pharmaceutical- BioVista Pharmaceutical company

Donghai Pharmaceutical Company - Jansen Medical Inc.

Donghai City- West Coast City

East China Sea City- Houston

Qianqiu building - Elton Building

Haicheng Hospital - Dallas Hospital

Beijing- Washington

Ninja Jun - jewelry shop

The first volume

The first volume

"Can't you make an effort for our life?" Ava Smith stared at Allen Peterson who was sitting opposite to her. She suddenly gets up to march towards the door then slams the door, the side of her eyes still have some tears!

Allen saw her leaving he sighed because he also wants to work hard.

But Allen agreed on ten years before the period is not completed, he cannot expose his identity!

Recently, because of the pressure of competition, the business of Allied Pharmaceutical Company under Ava's name is not good. Seeing that she couldn’t do anything so, she stormed out of the room.

Allen is a little afraid of Ava doing some kind of silly things. He picked up his coat and strode after her, only to find a black Mercedes parked in front of Ava, inside the car was a man!

What's going on here? Allen's heart sank.

As soon as the door opened, a man with some greasy sunglasses walked out from the car and saw Allen, took off his sunglasses and wiped them with a handkerchief. It seemed that he did not recognize who he was, with a disdain on his face his eyes turned directly to Ava.

"Honey, why are you so slow?"" Said the man.

Ava's face paled, guiltily took aim at the direction of Allen. "You! How did you find your way here?"

"Why can’t you look at me, I certainly came to look for you, how about that as a consideration?" The man asked.

"I'm not sure."

"What else can I think of? I am not as good as your worthless husband. It would be wise to divorce him and marry me."

A month ago, the company appeared in crisis, the BioVista Pharmaceutical company party director said that he could help her to get the exclusive agency of drugs, the condition is to divorce her husband, and marry him.

Without looking at Allen, she simply asked, "Is it true that you said you could help me get the sole agency for the drugs?"

Only the BioVista Pharmaceutical company drugs are the only solution in order to let her company back to life!

"Now that I have promised to help you, I am sure you will keep your promise." The man said.

"As you know, all the drugs of Jansen Medical Inc. are very precious, and the exclusive agency will bring you huge profits! Here in West Coast City, only I can help you."

"But...If you keep on delaying, I won't keep it for you."

Ava's face contorted, although their marriage is not of her own free will, but they were married for so long, they also developed feelings for each other.

It was a long time before she said, "Let me think it over."

Allen head was buzzing, he did not think of Ava for business, actually she can take his happiness as a chip!

What is more unexpected is, these two people actually brazenly flirt in front of him, like he does not exist!

Allen was enraged but he managed to smile, Ava is too pure and naive, to be cheated thoroughly by this man!

The BioVista Pharmaceutical company industry was Allen's industry, for the past ten years, he had established his own kingdom, but no one knows it!

Although he usually does not participate in the management, when it comes to Jansen Medical Inc. every employee of the personnel situation, he was very familiar.

The dead pig Erick Jones, the deputy director of the drug sales department of Jansen Medical Inc., has no right to make decisions at all.

This woman is crazy about money! There was anger, there was bitterness.

Originally Allen wants to take her feelings seriously with Ava, live together with her well.

He will wait for three months more, then he will open up his status to Ava and then he will give Ava the company. In that way the Smith family of those villains will shut up their stinking mouth. But unexpectedly, Ava chose such a road of no return!

Allen looked at that man, took the coat in his hand, walked forward and draped the coat to her body. Then he said coldly, "It is cold, if you want to go out, wear something more to keep you warm."

"This is the person in charge of the sales agency of Jansen Medical Inc.! We were just talking about business." Ava said disappointingly, her tone was cold, and she hopes Allen can stand for her.

But......Waste is waste.

"Well, if it is business. Then is divorce part of it?" He turned to stare at the man in front of him.

"Are you Ava's useless husband?" The man sneered contemptuously.

"So you still know she has a husband, since you knew you were willing to be the third party?" Allen said.

"You!" The man's facial expression changed toward Allen and says, "you what kind of thing you are, a useless wretch. You will divorce as soon as possible so fuck off."

"If I did not hear wrong, you mentioned Jansen Medical Inc., right?"

Allen sneered, “I have a friend in Jansen Medical Inc., how did I not listen to him saying that this bid total principal is you?"

Ava, surprised to see Allen, suddenly reacts to come over his words with a meaning.

Turning abruptly to the man, she asked, "Didn't you say you were in charge?"

"I..."The man's expression is flustered, but still managed to say, "He is a loser, how can he know such a thing about Jansen Medical Inc.? How could he possibly know who was in charge!"

Ava was disturbed by his words and turned her head to Allen again, saying coldly, "If you don't have the exact information, don't slander others. If you have the ability to do something for yourself, are you going to belittle others?"

"I just know, Jansen Medical Inc. drugs are an exclusive franchise, they recruit agents, the person in charge must be the director of the above level, you are which level, and do you have that qualification to make the master?" Allen smiled coldly.

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