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Twelve years ago, Cherry Collins was orphaned after a ghastly fire outbreak, broke across her parent s massive restaurant empire, killing them on the spot and rendering her homeless, Cherry became heartbroken and lost. Just 11 years old at the time, she roamed round the streets begging for food and eating from trash cans. Luckily for her she meets Jayson, at a mansion where she goes to pick trash, they hit it off and quickly become tight friends. Due to unknown reasons, they split during college. Revolving worlds and changing times, they meet again, Cherry is now 23, and a cold-hearted, rich and independent woman, who has vowed never to fall in love again, Jayson is still a rich enterprenuer. They meet and rekindle old flames and friendship. Will they finally fall in love, can they admit that the friendship from before was more than just that? Find out in this intriguing romance novel.

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Latest Release: Chapter 44 Happy Happy Endings   01-05 19:19