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Marriage in Corrosive Love

Marriage in Corrosive Love

56 Chapters
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If Shen Qingkong knew that Mu Linxuan married her just because her face was similar to his first love, she wouldn't have married him no matter how much she had loved him! Who would be the final winner in this corrosive love?...

Chapter 1 : Do Not Curse Her!

Proofread by Ruriko

It was dark at night with a bright moon in the sky.

"Ah…slow down… I cannot stand it… Ah…" Shen Qingkong moaned loudly and beat him hard several times, and grumbled coquettishly, "you are so bad. I told you to 'slow down', not letting you go…"

"It's so difficult to make you satisfied." Mu Linxuan laughed, and said in a husky and sexy voice, "Hold me tightly."

Shen Qingkong held his husband's strong shoulders subconsciously, to enjoy his fierce "attacks".

She moaned in a coquettish manner and enjoyed the hot enthusiasm that seemingly made the moon out of the windows cover itself in clouds due to shyness.

Suddenly, a mobile phone ring broke the atmosphere in the room.

Shen Qingkong came to herself to certain extent, "Your… mobile phone…"

Mu Linxuan frowned, showing unhappiness because the sex was interrupted by the call, and then took the mobile phone.

An anxious voice came through the phone, "President Mu, Miss Yu lost her consciousness!"

Mu Linxuan put on a long face, and his sexual passion disappeared at the same time. He pushed away Shen Qingkong without hesitation.

Looking at her husband, Shen Qingkong got so disappointed as if her heart was taken away. She held his wrist without hesitation and said, "I'll never let you go! Do not see that woman!"

"Stop jabbering, Youyou lost her consciousness again."

"She just lost her consciousness instead of her life. What she needs is a doctor, not you!"

"Shen Qingkong!" the man said with a cold voice, with certain warning.

"Don't see her! I'll never allow you to go there and stay with her, unless she died. No, it's none of your business even if she died!" Shen Qingkong roared fiercely.

In the latest half a year, once there was any trouble about that woman, Mu Linxuan always abandoned all the things to take care of that woman.

He went to see that women without hesitation even though he was making love with Shen Qingkong last minute, like just now.

The word "die" touched the most painful place in the heart of Mu Linxuan. He suddenly turned ruthless and tyrannical, and grasped her shoulders with more force as if he wanted to smash her shoulder blades into pieces. "Stop! I won't allow you to curse her!"

"Mu Linxuan, you are my husband, not that old woman's!" Shen Qingkong always told herself that she should be generous and tolerant. That woman was only an old woman with certain mutual affection with her husband in the past. A man like Mu Linxuan was always surrounded by thousands of beautiful women, but he just married her and loved her.

But Mu Linxuan cared that woman so much that Shen Qingkong broke down finally. She roared with anger, "Mu Linxuan, you are my lawful husband. But you abandoned me on the wedding because of her, and you did not return home for one month because of her. I just say something about her now, and you want to kill me?! Ok, just kill me! Then you can marry your love and she can be Mrs. Mu!"

She said increasingly loudly, in a harsh voice. She could not help shedding tears, and her fingernails holding his wrist pierced into his arms unconsciously.

Mu Linxuan looked down at her. Her black eyes were full of tears, and her nose tip was red. She looked so pitiful.

"Please do not see her again, Mu Linxuan. We've got married. Let's live our own life," Shen Qingkong prayed in a humble way, and her lovely face showed a pitiful expression as a dissatisfied housewife. "We used to be so happy…"

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