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He's Good at Being Bad

He's Good at Being Bad

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Author: axisixas
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An undocumented immigrant, Macaria Gon, was suddenly involved in a murder case when two men shot and stab the man walking in front of her. Macaria was not that really dumb, but she was put in a position that someone was murdered before her; she ended up carrying the gun and blade thrown to her by the two murderers, and she ran away out of panic when she heard the sirens. After that incident, she was wanted for murder and the authorities are after her. Macaria went to a famous safe place for her and sold herself to the Psycho Billionaire to ensure that she won't be put to jail because of a murder she didn't commit. The Psycho Billionaire came to know that Macaria was a virgin prostitute. That is why she ended up playing his games in a wheel of fortune that would dictate if she would live or die. They ended up coming to know that they were both unhappy individuals creating a comedy show.

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