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img img Romance img Her Gentleman
Her Gentleman

Her Gentleman

img Romance
img 25 Chapters
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Author: phobiii_zz
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Azen was one of the candidates to be married to the heir of a prestigious company such as Zety Entertainment. She doesn’t want to take part but her mother registered her. On On the other hand, Zin, the heir, who currently decided to get married, instinctively picks her. Azen doesn’t want to get married, to think that she will be marrying a 28-year-old man. She can’t tolerate that so she looked for a way to meet Zin. Then unexpectedly, she regretted all her speculation. Zin, her future husband, is a kind-hearted boss. He is a pure gentleman who has already fallen in love with her before they even met personally. Part of Azen doesn’t want to get married but then, it happened. She was expecting for a short-term relationship because she tried making trouble to make her husband hate her but then, she just found herself being greedy of his love. She doesn’t want her husband to be entangled with any woman. On the other side, Zin is anxious about marriage. He thinks that he isn’t qualified enough to be a good husband that is he did all his best to satisfy his wife to the extent that he didn’t care whether his feelings will get hurt or not. In the end, this couple created an extraordinary bond where trust is as thick as the the surface of the earth and as hard as the biggest rock in the world.

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