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Pleasuring The Maid

Pleasuring The Maid

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Author: Hawtsaus
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"Let us touch you Ava, let us show you how good we can make you feel princess." It was Ray who spoke, his deep yet erotic voice sending shivers down my spine. "Goddess damn Ava, I want to feel your skin." Bray rasped, already tugging off sweats from my legs. "The Tee goes off too angel." Ray helped me off my Tee, throwing it somewhere on the floor, I couldn't care less. ******* Ava Awino Moreti is an 18 year old girl who is all alone in the world with nobody to run to. After the death of her mother, her only parent, she is offered a job as a maid by the Romans family. There, she gets taunted by two brothers but amidst it all, she finds herself in their arms. As Bryson’s traumatic past is revealed, so does her life change completely. The relationship leads to the revelation of secrets surrounding their lives. She realizes that her whole life has been nothing but a lie, including the people she thought she knew. Her aunt Eve turns out to be someone she never expected to be. Her relationship with Ray and Bryson is put into test as everything is shed into the light. Will they stick together or will the never ending secrets destroy them completely?

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