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img img Romance img Concealed Affections
Concealed Affections

Concealed Affections

img Romance
img 60 Chapters
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Author: jsnj_writes
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How love finds its way to reach you Meera ~ Harsha Meera: Sensitive, humble, loving, self-esteemed, matured, huge introvert and gets messed up by her emotions. Harsha: Extremely optimistic, excessively confident, chilled out, dashing, successful, and attitude are freaky. Different in nature’s but.. Similar in one emotion.. Love... Loved each other secretly since their teenage! Lived in the neighborhood! Acted like strangers! As they had their own barriers to step forward! The duo got parted away, without even having a single proper talk! After four years, they met! This time. Are they going to confess their love towards each other? Or going to skill in concealing their affections? To know more, and to join their journey. Come and travel with them

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