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The Angel Descendants

The Angel Descendants

img Romance
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Author: Shan R.K
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HOW FAR WILL HE GO TO PROTECT ONE GIRL, WHO IS DESTINED TO BRING FORTH THE END OF TIME William Blackwell has roamed the earth, thriving in both the human world and descendants Realms . He has watched emperors rise and fall in their own blood, and fought battles alongside Lightwatcher's, Elvans, Shifters, Fairies, and Casters. None of which matters now- It didn't prepare him for the hardest battle of his life. It didn't prepare him for Clare Miller, the Lightwatcher hunted by Angels and Demons. After a severe head injury eight years ago left Clare Miller with no recollection of the first ten years of her life, retrieving the unattainable, is exactly what it is, UNATTAINABLE. Her only source to link her to her mysterious past is her overbearing, tight-lipped mother. Clare has no idea the deadly power that surge's through her veins waiting to be unleashed onto the earth. A horrific event leaves Clare with no option but to rely on her estranged brother, Nathan, and an enticing fire Angel, Kalbreal. Hunted by Tempters and Angels, Clare's only hope is the man who walks in her dreams, a man of no face, but eyes of the deepest blue dipped in the finest cut of diamonds, William Blackwell. The race to the end begins. Angels and Demons will fight for their rights while one girl will bring the heavens to her knees. Touched by the heavenly hand itself, Clare Miller must uncover her destiny in PART 1 in The NEW Epic fantasy: The Angel Descendants

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