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The Innocent Reject

The Innocent Reject

img Werewolf
img 18 Chapters
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Author: suzangill
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No one has seen his face, but everyone has heard about him.   Everyone fears his name because wherever his name is called, the result is absolute and complete destruction.   He is known to wipe out an entire pack within a few minutes and never ever there has been a survivor.   They say he attacks Alphas, others say he hates rogues but no one knows who will be his next target.   They say the sky gets covered by black clouds and thunder strikes the ground at the place where he attacks.   The werewolf council declared him the most wanted wolf in the world, with the order of kill at sight   If only they could get him insight.   With the sight of an eagle, speed of lightning, and roar of thunder, He was the most powerful wolf ever known to exist.     He was the THUNDER WOLF.   Or should I say she?   Thunder wolf series

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