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img img Romance img 0°Celsius : To Thaw A Frozen Heart
0°Celsius : To Thaw A Frozen Heart

0°Celsius : To Thaw A Frozen Heart

img Romance
img 27 Chapters
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Author: suzangill
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"How dare you!!" His stare and cold voice made me step back with fear scared of what he will do "You clumsy woman!! Keep those disgusting hands of yours steady or go die somewhere!! How dare you hurt her!! Do you even know who she is!!" "'s alright.." Andrea pleaded from behind but he continued "Lowlives like you don't even deserve to step into a place like this bit we were generous to offer you this job....but You being an ungrateful brat couldn't do one thing right.......Hell, you can't even walk properly how come you were hired for this job!!" Endless tears were flowing down my cheeks as he continued to reprimand me "Alessandro..please...stop" "No Andrea I will not stop..can't you see what she did.....You are too innocent and generous... you don't know girls like her.....they envy you and when they can't compete against you they engage in these dirty tactics .....bloody disgusting people...." I looked up into his eyes eyes asking him if this is what he thought of me... I was never this low... How could he even think I did this deliberately! "Oh my god...your hand..." Andrea said looking at my hand I looked down to see my entire hand turned red with blisters everywhere. I felt numb earlier but now as I saw my wound I started feeling the suppressed pain I was controlling. My tears betrayed me not just because of his words but also from the pain of my burn. Andrea rushed towards me with a worried look on her face "Maria..bring ..the coolant hurry..we need to call the doctor.." She was something else So pure and caring My eyes lifted to see Ando He had an expression I couldn't decipher His eyes were fixed on my burn but I couldn't tell if he was worried or not. But soon that expression was gone as he turned around and left. I looked at his retreating back wondering since when did he become so heartless. Everything is fair in love and war And this my friends is a war of broken hearts.

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