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img img Horror img Diana In The Dark
Diana In The Dark

Diana In The Dark

img Horror
img 17 Chapters
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Author: Ryk Brink
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Diana Harrison is the girl's next door but be thankful she doesn't live next door to you. Under her shy pretty girl exterior lives something a lot darker. On the surface, Diana is happy to go lucky senior at university high California. Smart, funny and will laugh at all your bad jokes. She has a strapping boyfriend and a terrific grade point average. She seemed to have everything going for her. But her bold future is teated by a dark fascination with serial killers but that borders on obsession. Although some might find that strange and may not want to invite her to their house party or to the prom she manages to keep her desires a secret. However when a real killer moves to town, her inner and outer worlds begin to collide. A series of strange dreams and some haphazard internet snooping has landed Ditzy Diana in between the sights of the real thing and now she has no choice but to come and see.

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