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Bad Boys
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Garrick Hardwin when he left the Army Ranger never intended to fall into a life of porn, but it just sort of happened. Tired of his life of meaningless sex Garrick is looking for a reason to quit the business when he collides with Melody Page, shy, ex-nun, and science nerd. Melody is an orphan who survived a brutal childhood and is trying to find her place in life and establish herself as a scientist. One day, while helping her makeup artist roommate, on the set of an adult movie she bumps into the drop-dead gorgeous Garrick. An unlikely friendship starts between the two very different people that quickly turns to love and then marriage, but along the way, Garrick's past and ex-girlfriends threaten their growing relationship. Can Melody look forgive Garrick's past, can she believe enough in herself to let him love her? But Garrick isn't the only one interested in Melody, Daniel Bently billionaire and owner of Chem tech institute have been kidnapping and imprisoning scientists for years at his hidden research center in North Dakota. Daniel wants Melody for both personal and professional reasons and has her kidnapped and taken to his facility. Garrick must use all his past training to break into the facility and rescue Melody before Daniel can force his will on Melody.

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