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img img Fantasy img The Damned Princess
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Finding a mate is the most important purpose of a Lycan's life. Sienna's most important purpose is to never come across her mate. What happens when fate leads her to the exact person she does not want to meet. Sienna Amore Castello, is an Italian lycan princess, the daughter of the most powerful man in the world. What happened in her past that made her leave her home? What scares her so much that she does not want to meet her own mate? Jayson Hunter, a handsome human, whom every girl wants to make theirs. But he never lets them come close to him. What happens when he sees Sienna? Will he be able to ignore her like every other girl? What happens when the Lycan princess comes across her human mate? Will, she rightfully claim him as hers or her past will stand in the way?

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