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Verdict Of Love

Verdict Of Love

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"I am pregnant, " I say looking into his eyes intensely but his face is emotionless. "What? " he asks stunned, he paces around for a few minutes "I can't take care of a child right now" he snaps holding the office table tightly. "We have to because I have no way to go," I say pleading for acknowledgment and understanding. "What do you mean, " he said eyeing me suspiciously. "My parent disowned me," I say looking down in shame.                      "I will take you in but don't expect me to care for you and your baby because all this means nothing to me" he glanced at me before walking out of his office. Tears run down my cheek, feeling of embarrassment, and lost claws in my heart. I lost everything my family, my self-esteem, I feel lost and worthless. Most of all I lost love.

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