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img img Fantasy img Mr. Shark And Miss Butterfly
Mr. Shark And Miss Butterfly

Mr. Shark And Miss Butterfly

img Fantasy
img 82 Chapters
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Author: Papina
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Aqua Chrysalis houses the most bizarre tenants who call each other by their animal code names. In this jungle of a building. I hate humans. One moment they say they like something. Then, the next moment they say they hate it. One moment they get along. The next moment they fight. They're hopeless, hypocritical beings who are proud and weak. They continue to hurt people. To destroy what they have in their hands. In an endless cycle. That's why I decided not to make any friends. My name is Butterfly. Well actually, my name is really Cho. My name means 'Butterfly', so people started calling me that. Since when? I don't remember. I think the name suits me. Butterflies silently flutter about from flower to flower, watching the world unfold as time moves forward. And keeping a distance from interfering in the business of others. That is the kind of person I am.

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