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Eros Pierce is a thirty-seven-year-old Greek god who isn't all he tells twenty-two-year-old Aduke Williams he is but they're both in love. Two people from entirely different worlds. Secrets that could ruin lives. A possessive man with a sex drives out of the roof. What could possibly go wrong? "What's my name?" his voice almost drove me crazy. It almost drove me mad but it definitely made my panties soaked. "Eros" I told him with conviction, my voice didn't cave or shake. "Good, now who do you belong to?" he stepped closer and I craned my neck upwards to look into his captivating eyes. "Eros" he smiled at my reply before placing a kiss on my forehead. "Who do I belong to?" he asked, pulling back and I almost cooed at how cute he looked. Huayang Culture authorized the book to Moboreader to display.

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