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img img Romance img In The Name Of Love
In The Name Of Love

In The Name Of Love

img Romance
img 24 Chapters
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Author: Huayang
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A seventeen-year-old high schooler in her senior year is in search of freedom, A connection, a feeling of belonging, Fun, and love. In search of a soul to pull her out of her black and white life, a life of blandness. Like a storm he disbanded her life right in front of her eyes, taking her on an adventure, a ride she thought she knew would never end. He showed her aside to pleasure, desire, and love she never understood but took pleasure in. He handed all she required to her on a silver platter after a night of passion until her will became his mandate, her touch became his thirst and her essence became his drink. His reward became her trust and he would do anything to please her, even it meant hiding the truth. Cover credits- Me Huayang Culture authorized the book to Moboreader to display.

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