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The Gynecologist

The Gynecologist

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Author: sunny john
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THE GYNECOLOGIST WRITTEN BY SUNNY JOHN :::::::::::::: :::::::::::::: Prologue "Are you insinuating that I am FAT?" My icy blue eyes narrow at Curtis as he mumbles a ridiculous speculation. A soft chuckle escapes out of his mouth which I really find annoying, sometimes. He brushes his nails against his cheek to top it off—one of his habits that makes me want to shoot a poor little chicken in rage. Don't get me wrong... I love chickens and other feathery little bits. They're noisy creatures who just want to live in peace. It's just that, this guy over here can get on my nerves sometimes. I am pretty much self-actualized that I am nowhere chubby. "You've been missing your periods, Sweetheart. What else could it be?" he responds ignorantly. He is perpetually concentrating on his iPhone X's big screen for about ten minutes now as if I do not exist. I take a peek at it and my eyes widen when I notice that he is actually watching porn. Hardcore porn. I try my best to avoid allowing my eyes to dart over the screen. Having a glimpse of it makes me want to puke. He doesn't even give me the courtesy of at least tilting his mobile away from my line of vision. The perks of having a naughty best friend... "Can you just at least, pause that filthy video for a few seconds and listen to me?" "Oh, Lily. Relax, will you? Whatever happens, whether you're pregnant or not, always remember that behind those clouds..." he mumbles, still not looking at me. I anticipate on whatever words of wisdom he will throw at me, even though I know it will be pointless. ".

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