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Mending her broken heart

Mending her broken heart

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"Understanding is an art and not everyone is an artist." Addilyn Ruby Garcia is a 16 year girl with a very bad past. She is know as Ruby Smith. She is the youngest multibillionaire in the whole world. When finally her life is somewhat better a tragedy happens and that makes her move back to her first orphanage. When she has to go back to her family. What happens when her elder sibling take her in? Or when she had made them take her in? How can she cope with her other 8 siblings that she desperately tried to forget? Will she let her walls down and let them in? And add to that there is Russian mafia capo who is hell as arrogant and possesive and protective with a mysterious nature. Can they mend her broken heart? And when two opposites fall in love with their life's at stake and past coming back to haunt her, can they save before she drowns? Or will it be too late?

Chapter 1 Characters

Mason Garcia

He is 28 years old. Though Mason always maintains a cold and unreadable expression on his face he has a soft spot for Addilyn. He loves her to death and is so overprotective of her. He has light brown hair with deep green eyes. CEO of Garcia company and is the American mafia leader.

James Garcia

He is 25 years old. James is officially the mama bear of the family. He is very protective of Addilyn and loves his siblings very much. When his brothers needed the mother figure, he filled that without hesitating. He has light brown hair with deep ocean blue eyes.

Christopher Garcia

He is 23 years old. Christopher is the health freak of the family and drinks the green poison everyday in the morning. Though he is a very calm and peaceful person when something happens to his siblings he is the devil. He is overprotective of Addilyn. The peacemaker of the family. He has light brown hair with deep ocean blue eyes.

Sebastian Garcia

He is 21 years old. He is a hot-headed person and acts like he hates Addilyn even though he has a soft spot for her. She may be the only person he cares very much about. He is very overprotective of her and loves her to death. He has light brown hair with deep forest green eyes.

Noah Garcia

Noah is 19 years old and the twin of Liam. He loves to play the guitar. He is very overprotective of Addilyn. He and his twin is the prankster of the family. He is outgoing. He loves to prank on his siblings. The joyful person in their family. He has light brown hair with freckles on his nose and deep blue eyes.

Liam Garcia

He is a 19-year-old and also the twin of Noah. They are paternal twins. He is a silent type of guy and likes to brood more on a topic. He is very observant of things. He is also a prankster of the family. Loves Addilyn to death and is overprotective of her. He has light brown hair with freckles on his nose and deep blue eyes.

Olivia Garcia

She is 18 years old. She behaves like a bitch to others due to her misunderstanding past. She loves attention and is very jealous of Addilyn. But she gradually changes. When she does change she behaves like the actual sister. She has deep blue eyes with blonde hair even though her original hair colour is light brown. She owns a coffee shop.

Ethan Garcia

Ethan is the twin of Addilyn. He has one green eye and a blue eye. He loves his twin to death and is very overprotective of her. He likes to be fun and outgoing. He studies law as time passes by. He has dark brown hair where he inherited from their mother.

Addilyn Ruby Garcia or Ruby Addilyn Smith-Garcia.

She is the twin of Ethan. She is 16 years and also has one blue eye and a green eye. She is a self-made multibillionaire. She wears a very cold emotionless facade but she is a very broken girl. Her past is as terrifying as the worst storm. But still, with the last bit of hope, she waits for a rainbow. She has very dark brown hair where she also inherited from her mother. The joy and light of their family. And same as the candle she gives away all the light.

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