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Bound With The Billionare

Bound With The Billionare

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Story based on child marriage!He was just 9 when he got married to her.. she was 4 that's his grandfather wish to see his marriage before dying..They both didn't know each other as after marriage her parents shifted to Los Angeles..What happen if they meet after 16 years?She is sassy and rich spoilt brat!!He is rude and arrogant..He is dominating..She hates dominating people!!He is a control freak she is a free bird..They're Poles apart still they are bounded.. she is bounded with the Billionare..Tied forever..Tied with an unbroken thread..

Chapter 1 Prologue and Character Sketch

Bound with a billionaire


hey everyone there might have grammatical mistakes and problem with names as I changed it.. hope I will edit it as soon as I get time..

It's been 16 years Zain Kapoor and Myra Reddy are bound by Marriage..

Don't give me those looks they are not old..they had child marriage..

Myra was 4 when she was married to Zain he was 9..

They didn't even know the meaning of marriage...

It was Zain 's Great GrandFather's wish to see zain' s marriage before dying..

After Marriage Myra shifted to Los Angeles with her family..while Zain stayed back with his fam in india

They both know that they are married but still didn't know each other personally..

Strange right? I know ???

16 year has passed he got busy with his career and she is busy in her study..

Let's get into the character sketch then

Zain Kapoor: he is 25 year old the New CEO of Kapoor Industry..he is Monster that's what world calls him.. love his family very much.. he is introvert rude arrogant, dominant and also have anger issues...his one look make any girl wake on her knees.. his one smile can kill anyone.. he didn't believe in relationships and all..At the age of 25 he achieved so many things and make his family proud.. his 6.1 height.. his brown eyes his tonned body is drool worthy..He is an epitome of perfection

Myra Reddy/Kapoor: The female protagonist of the story..Myra is 20 year old she just completed her college from Los Angeles university..she is a party animal and rich spoilt brat tags suits of her.. sassy,hot,bold,fierce can describe her character.. she is sweet to sweet people but if you messes up with her then she'll show you heaven in this Mother Earth..

Rishabh Reddy: 17 year old Myra's younger brother..

Tushar Reddy: head of Reddy Industries the coolest father of Myra and Rishabh.. he loves his wife and children very much..

Shweta Reddy: Myra and Rishabh's mother and Tushar's wife.. she is a homemaker and and very cool loves her family very much..

Jayant Kapoor: Head of Kapoor Industries..Zain and diya's father loves his wife and children very much..

Mihika Kapoof: Jayant's wife Zain diya's mother..she is also a homemaker and loves her family very much..

Diya Kapoor Zain's younger sister she is also 17 year old..



"No Myra don't you are pretty drunk" said the girl who is Myra's friend

"Babe shut up I am not drunk okay I am fine and it's time to show who is the real queen" Myra replied..

"Girls like you just knows how to play with words and not more than that" said the other boy who was sitting in his car..

"You jerk" she stopped and then said "listen honey you want to play right it's ok.. if you win then I can do anything for you if I win then you have to clean my shoes with your hands" she said with a smirk..

"Ok done" said the guy..

"So let's start the race" Myra's girl gang shout..

"Bring it on" she showed her thumb and they started racing in the middle of the night..

"Myra Myra" her friends started cheering for her as she speed up the car..

"Babe their is a car which is coming from the front" her friend panicked..

"Shit" before she could react her brand new car got hit with another car..

"Ohh My God I am alive Thank you God" she thanked God joining her hand..

"Shiitttt my new car" she punched the steering wheel and stepped out of the car..

She walked towards the other car and knocked on the window and the Man in his mid twenties stepped out..


"Are you mad or what huhhh? How dare you too hit my new car huh" she shouted..

"You tell me are you blind or what can't you just see the road and drive" he also shouted angrily..

"You hit my new car" she said gritted her teeth..

"You also hit my car Miss" he also said.."what were doing huh? racing in the middle of the night damnn you silly teenage girls" her anger rose as he called her teenager..

"Excuse me Mr uncle I am not a teenager I am 20 year old girl and i also have driving licence" she said glaring at him..

"Girls like you just said like this only" he replied..

"You know what just fuck off" she showed her middle finger..

"You fuck off" he shouted angrily..

"Urghhhh" she stomped her feet and sat inside her car..

To be continued..

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