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Vampire's Love

Vampire's Love

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Katarina, a normal 18 year old girl wants nothing more than going to Harvard University. But her life changes when a short tempered sexy arrogant pure blood vampire Alexander took a liking of her. She gets selected as a one of the prospective bride for him. She despises the vampires but now how will she react to be living with them. Will she fall in love with him? Can a vampire's love overcome the past betrayal? Read to find out.

Chapter 1 Ivanov palace

Katarina 's POV:

I looked around my small room longingly as I am leaving my safe haven today. Though it hasn't been painted in a while, I love my room and I appreciate everything I have as I know how much hard my parents work to provide for me. That's why I didn't run away till now. I wore the beautiful peach color dress which my mom bought me. she helped me with my hair.

The day I thought never come has arrived. I hate them with a passion all my life. Now I am have to live with them. Even if it will be for short time, I still couldn't fathom it. I have no right to reject it.

Why did the Vampire Council even select me after knowing my hatred towards their kind? That too to that monster Alexander Ivanov. He literally is the uncrowned king of our world as people kiss the path he walks on. so what's so special about him?

He's a pure blood vampire. There are many pure blood vampires but he and his brothers Are the first descendants of Vampires ever born in the world. They're more powerful and has special abilities. They can't be killed easily.

Vampires. Blood suckers. Humans are well aware of Vampire's existence and they're fine with them as long as they treat everyone equally. Equal? Nah.

The truth is that most humans longs for power and be immortal. when A pure blood vampire lets you drink their blood, then you will become a vampire like them. powerful and you won't age. You age every hundred years. so, one faction of humans are supportive of them including my parents while the other faction wants freedom that includes me.

I sighed and carried on with my packing.

" Kat, I can't wait to see you as bride. Do you know how proud we are of you? " My mom beaming with joy as she helps me pack my clothes.

" yeah, honey. Even the president's daughter is not selected. " my father said as he returns from his night shift. my father works as a fireman.

" it's not a big deal. you're not this happy when I won a full scholarship for Harvard. " I pouted as my mom zipped my suitcase.

" it's good. but this is huge. Don't mess it up. I am serious, Kat. we can be powerful and wealthy if you're good. " my mom replied in a commanding tone.

" behave, young lady. make us proud of becoming the bride. " my father said.

" don't get your hopes up. he's been rejecting everyone since the council introduced this dumbest thing. " I told them. They got angry and about to bash me when doorbell ring.

" Kathy, "

saved by the bell. I ran to the door and opened it. Immediately I was engulfed with a hug from my bestie Ana. we're friends since playschool.

" I am going to miss you. girly, you're one lucky girl. Alexander will be all over for you. " Ana said as she broke from the hug. she wipes her tears. " call me often and stay in touch. if he misbehaves, let me know. I will kick his ass. "

" you do know it's not possible. " I replied smugly for which she pouted.

" Miss. Katarina Hamilton, your ride is here. " a polite middle age man said as he opened the back door of the car.

I waved my parents and Ana goodbye as the car speed off the driveway

Driving through the countryside, I had a little time to marvel at the magnificent scenery, that Ivanov property had to offer.

I saw a sign saying, " Ivanov palace- 20 miles" and had a tremor of fear go through me. I started to checking things out, as I got closer to the castle. Acres and acres of beautiful farmland covered in lush green. It's a treat to the eyes, I wondered how many acres of land were theirs in this place as it looks dense like a forest. But the view was so beautiful. yet scary.

There was a shining lake that stretched out until it was no longer within my eyesight and trees which filled the banks of the lake and continued into an enormous forest, green grass filled with infinite flowers. The sky was clear with only the warm sun in sight that was setting into dusk and a gentle breeze blowing my hair softly in small wisps.

The ride stopped and I looked up to see that we are already in front of Ivanov Palace". The huge black grilled gates opened and let us in. I gasped at the sight of the building. It was absolutely gorgeous and huge, with rolling hills, which are very majestic and almost regal.

"We're here, miss."

I climbed off the car and looks around. it has a big fountain of water and a huge garden. A woman around 40 came to greet me.

"you must be Katarina. I am Gracy, head maid here. You must be tired and hungry after the day so far. We have a room for you ready. all your clothes will be put into the closet by now. . You can sleep this afternoon and meet the guys and other girls later on. He is currently busy with other affairs at the moment but you will meet him after dinner."

I walked with her.I hadn't realized how quiet the palace was, it was silent. Only the sound of our heels pattering across the floor echoed in the halls.

"And this is your room."

I had accidentally bumped into her as she paused in front dark brown wooden door and pushed it open. She then said, "I hope it to your liking."

My jaw dropped. She must be kidding! This is a room? It's the size of a house. The room was beautiful. Pastel purple walls, a white wooden bed with white canopy hanging all around it. There were two tables, one was against the wall in front of the bed and the other was just outside the windowed doors on the balcony. I walked over to the doors and pushed them open. The view was amazing! Blue, blue skies that went on forever, golden sun hitting the lake just right, the light breeze.

"It's beautiful," was all I managed to whisper.

On the wall across from where I stood were two more dark brown, large double doors. I opened the one on the right. There were several racks and hangers that were filled with clothes. It's a freaking walk in wardrobe.

I moved on to the next set of doors. I pulled them open. It was a common room. There two enormous, ivory, elegantly designed couches facing each other and two more exactly the same that were meant for a single person to sit in. In the middle of the couches was a smooth, dark, round coffee table adorn with an ivory lace doily in the shape of a flower. Three black goblets with a candle in each one sat in the middle of the the table. A fireplace was on the right side of the room. At the very end of the room was one more set of dark brown, double doors. I opened it and found a restroom. It was large! Huge! It's walls were a pastel blue, ivory towels, gold sink, shower and tub faucets. The curtains for the shower were pastel blue embroidered with ivory flowers.

I ran back out the room and smiled at her. "it's wonderful!" I exclaimed. though I don't want to live here, why not enjoy my stay here. I decided to enjoy the luxury it offers till I leave. it's not everyday I get this lifestyle. she walked away leaving me alone.

I closed my door as soon as I could no longer hear her footsteps. I stared all around the room.

I don't want to be here, I want to leave but I can't do anything, even if I wanted to. I don't want to be a bride or the keeper for that matter. I hate their very existence. I don't know the first thing about being a keeper. I'm scared...all of this at once. What if I don't have what takes to be a vampire keeper? What if I mess up? Being taken away from usual life and being shoved into this new life. This will be my new home, my life if he chooses me..I suppose I could grow accustom to it sooner or later. I sighed. Even I can't fool myself. I'm scared.

Third person's POV:

Katarina slipped off her dress and changed into something comfortable. She's soon asleep on the bed dreaming of what the night would bring.

She reclined on her bed, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun's rays at the end of the day. Her room looked out over fields planted with roses and tulips. She had no idea how far the city is but She realised that it could not have been that far away. with that she's fallen asleep.

The sun was warm and relaxing and Katarina realised that she slept the entire day. She wondered she's is in trouble already. She shivered at the thought of what might happen. She might get kicked out today itself. just the thought of it is making her day happy which hardly begun.

She heard a knock on her door and opened to see Gracy.

" miss, the master is asking for your presence in his office. " she said.

Katarina nodded and got ready at record speed after all he is going to let her go. That's what she thought.

as she walked through the hallways, she see a group of girls talking to themselves and looks at her with so much hate.

" don't mind them, miss. they're rejected yesterday night itself and master asked them to go. " Gracy answer her without any hesitation.

I am also getting thrown out then, yay! I am attending Harvard then. Katarina smiled inwardly.


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