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The Brother

The Brother

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Luna is a daredevil. She's adventurous and always defy everything. So when her parents got enough of her, she was sent to her grandparents to work. And then she met Sarah, an annoying kid that is rude to others. She didn't expect though that making the child cry will lead her into meeting the brother, a one hell of a good-looking man. Staying and working isn't that hard for her now, is it?

Chapter 1 1

Luna's POV

My body shivered due to the coldness when I felt my blanket lost its contact with my body.

"It's cold..." I muttered as I try to locate my blanket back using my hands, too lazy to even open my eyes.

I just came home after a thrilling week-long escapade with my friends in Dubai.

Well, not all friend-friends because some of them, I just met when I pulled my friend Yessa for a skydiving activity, which by the way almost did not happened because she almost passed out.

But of course, she's with me and it's like, almost my birthday so she doesn't really have a choice but to agree.

Anyways, I won't stop until she jumps with me or I'll pull the "I'm-going-to-call-him" card which means me, calling his neighbor and spilling out the beans.

Well, two weeks ago, Yessa accidentally slipped that she has the hots for her neighbor which happened to be my cousin, so now, she doesn't really have any choice left but to agree with me.

Knowing my cousin, Mark, he'd probably annoy the hell out of Yessa once he found out that she has a crush on him and of course, Yessa wouldn't let that happen. Like what she said and I quote- "Over my dead fucking fingernails..."

I know that it’s basically blackmailing and I feel so bad but hey, she had fun anyway. That's what's important and it's not like that's the first time she had tried doing some daredevil activities with me.

It's actually funny because it's not like this is the first time that I had pulled a lot of stupid-blackmailing cards on her. I don't even understand how she still falls for it when she knows I won't really spill any of her secrets.

Gosh, we've been friends for like, 14 years? Of course I won't do that. I'm not that stupid. She's almost my sister.

I groan when I heard the sound of vibration on the table. Probably my phone because I always set it in silent mode.

I slightly opened my eyes, squinting because of the blinding light coming from my window.

When did I actually open those stupid curtains anyways? I'm nocturnal at home so I stay in bed whenever.

My eyes finally snapped open as it slowly adjusted from the light.

I looked at the bedside table to check the time,


"Fuck." I muttered.

I sat down immediately after realizing what time it is. I was supposed to wake up at 9 in the morning to attend my cousin's wedding.

It was because of that stupid flight, my plane got delayed so I came home at 5 am instead of 2. Of course, once my back hit the cushion, I was immediately passed out, too exhausted.

I messed up my hair in frustration. I'm screwed. My parents would kill me. Dad specifically told me to be there because I was supposed to be the maid of honor.

I washed my face with my dry hands, my eyes close as I think about what happened. I am so in trouble.

"So, my little princess is actually home, huh?" My eyes snapped open as I heard my dad spoke.


"And awake if I may add."

And there's mom as well. Great.

I mentally groan. My mom and dad are always busy that the only instance that I get to see them together is when there is a family occasion or if I actually got myself into trouble. Now, I'm not sure if I'm lucky but I get to see them now for both reasons.

"Mom, sorry. I overslept. You know Yessa and I just arrived..." I tried to talk sweetly as I went out of my bed to greet both of my parents.

Regardless of how rare we met each other, I know that my parents really love me.

Well sorry, this isn't the type of rich family where the son or daughter was neglected by her or his busy parents. We're far from that.

My mom's arms automatically reached mine as I move forward to hug her. She was standing on the far-side of my bed with my dad beside her, not looking really happy upon seeing how I look.

I remember, I'm actually still on my jeans and spaghetti strap blouse, my hair looking all messy after getting off from sleep.

"I miss you Mom. It's been ages since I last saw you" I told her as we hug each other real tight.

"I know. I missed you too, my baby." I let go of her after I felt her kiss me lightly on my forehead.

And then I reached for my Dad, who's looking so serious but he still hugged me back real tight. Perks of being a daddy's girl.

You see, I am the only daughter of the owners of Park 'N Bite Enterprises, one of the largest food and convenience store chains in South Korea. Actually, we also have a few stores around Asia but I don't know where or how many because I never really paid any attention.

Plus, not a lot of people knew about me. I never really attended anything business related occasions that will release my face to the public. And my Dad had actually been strict about it. They were afraid I would get kidnapped.

My grandparents started our business which they passed down to my parents and ever since, I grew up not worrying about money. My parents had given me more than enough that I can always do whatever I wanted. I can always buy what my eyes saw even if I don't need them.

My parents never opposed on my daredevil escapades because I promised that I will not try something that isn't safe and that it will never affect my studies. In fact, I finished my degree in business abroad last year but I never really started working because my dad said I can enjoy my youth since he can still run the company. Of course, I agreed.

So, I have been spending my whole year traveling around the world and doing things a regular 21-year-old haven't even achieved.

I looked up when I felt my dad kissed the top of my head.

"Sorry Dad. I never really intended not to attend Kara’s wedding. You know that right?" I told him as I sway by body back and forth while my arms still around him. Then I pouted. My pout always gets to him.

"I know." He sighed. A smile started to tugged on the corner of my lips.


"But I guess, I still have something to tell you. And I have this feeling that you wouldn't really like it."

My hands immediately let go of my father's. My shoulders dropped. My eyebrows furrowed.

"Dad, there's no way that I'll be grounded, right? I'm like, 22 for Pete's sake!" my eyes wide open.

"Well, you're technically not grounded." my mom answered.


"You see, your grandma and grandpa were a little disappointed about what happened."

"And?" my heart started beating a little faster. It's never a good news when my grandparents got involved. And honestly, once they've decided, that means it's final. Even my mom and dad wouldn't be able to do anything about it.

And I won't be able to protest. Those were my grandparents. They took care of me till I was ten. I love them to death and I don't say "NO" to my grandparents.

"They decided that you should get a taste on how our line of business works and of course, it means, you need to experience everything starting from scratch. You know how me and your mom also started from scratch right?"

I nodded. My grandparents didn't make everything easy even for my parents. They had to work hard.

Why do I have this feeling that I am soon getting myself into a big trouble?

My Mom held my arm and guided me back to my bed. Then we sat on the corner as if she knows I'll be needing something for support after this.

"Your grannie wants you to stay with them in the meantime and you'll have to help them manage our very first store" My mom explained.

"So....." I started as I eventually put everything to pieces. "I will work as a clerk in grannie's store. That's what you mean right?"

My dad only smiled.

Don't get me wrong, I love my grandparents a lot but they are pretty strict, I'm starting to dread the days that I will staying with them.

"And sweetie, you have to pack your things. They're actually waiting for you downstairs." My dad added.

My Mom had to hug me real tight, the shocked look not leaving on my face.

This is it. Fuck. I'm totally screwed.

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