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img img Romance img CEO's Enticing Ex-wife
CEO's Enticing Ex-wife

CEO's Enticing Ex-wife

img Romance
img 125 Chapters
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Author: Luo Ye
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Trapped in the shackles of a lonely marriage. A never ending void of monotony. Charles had her by his side but one thing he didn't have was her heart. Yet, he wasn't bothered. As long as he had her around, he convinced himself that he would one day win her over. Life doesn't always work out though. He never wanted to see his wife's crush come back into her life but it seemed that it was meant to be. Jealousy engulfed him, Charles completely lost all control. Lies, doubt, and desperation gradually filled their marriage. This life was not one to live anymore, she finally divorced him and left. However, her life didn’t reset as she expected. Charles came back and he was a man on a mission.

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