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img img Romance img Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming
Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming,Yixi Yuhuan

Romantic Troubles: She Is Mr. Charming

img Romance
img 195Chapters
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Author: Yixi Yuhuan
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The moment Lucy heard the song by EXO, something in her that had died a long time ago, came alive. When she went to South Korea, she had a chance to see her beloved band. She was so enthralled by them and so grateful for the new life that she dressed up like a man and became a member of their group. But she never expected to fall into romantic troubles when she joined the band. Each member of the group was so charming and unique, but which one was her Mr. Right? How would she find him? And what would happen when they discovered the truth?

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