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Adoration Beyond Compare,Ying Suhua

Adoration Beyond Compare

img Romance
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Author: Ying Suhua
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Yvonne had never thought that her life would take such a drastic turn in a single day. Based on a misunderstanding, Yvonne, along with her friend, had to visit the police station. There, she saw her boyfriend, who was detained and accused of participating in prostitution. Despite the shock and the numbing pain in her heart, she held back her tears and broke up with him right there. But her day wasn't done and the drama didn't end there. The misunderstanding that had led her to the police station brought her into Cary’s world--the luxurious world of the youngest tycoon in the city. “Be my woman,” he whispered to her, and that moment onward, he adored her without end and beyond compare.

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